Which Sonic-For-Real-Justice Mod Should You Fight?

Sonic | Who wins: You
PLEASE fight Mod Sonic. I will pay you. This hedgehog is all talk, no game. His girlfriend Amy will not help rally the troops to bring you to “justice”, and without her sway, he is lost. Mod Sonic is corrupt and must pay the price. A coup is much needed. Fight Mod Sonic.

Amy | Who wins: Amy
She will destroy you. She has done it before, and will do it again. Mod Amy is ruthless and cruel, and with Mod Sonic’s added backup power, will absolutely ruin you. Do it anyway. Avenge Mod Silver. Fight Mod Amy.

Tails | Who wins: You
Tails doesn’t want to fight. They will leave when it starts getting hairy. They may try to swing the tide in their favor with emotional warfare, but it won’t work. Don’t fight them, it isn’t worth it.

Shadow | Who wins: Shadow
This guy will wreck your shit. He just doesn’t give a fuck. I wouldn’t recommend it, he’ll just embarrass you in front of everyone you’ve ever loved. Hell, he’ll embarrass you in front of your dog. This fight is followed by a transformation almost on par with that of a magical girl - he will throw one last, nose breaking, teeth shattering, bone cracking punch, and fly back up to the stars where he belongs. Don’t do it. Don’t fight Mod Shadow.

Knuckles | Who wins: Knuckles
She is done with the bullshit. Don’t even try, unless you want your ass handed to you by the law. This one is an expert in the field of keeping people in line. She’ll break most bones in your body and then some - after that, she’ll bring you to the hospital, once you promise to never attempt that again. Fight Mod Knuckles. I dare you.

Silver | Who wins: Nobody
why would you fight this precious flower

Sally | Who wins: You
They’re too caught up in the drama that has been forced upon them. If you have to do it, do it fast. They don’t deserve this, they’re already going through enough as it is. Don’t fight Mod Sally.

Tikal | Who wins: You, but full of regret
What would make you do such a thing? Mod Tikal was sweet and kind. They only wanted to help the blog. If you have to fight her, the haunting memory of their pleas will follow you in to those deep endless nights, where you are left alone with only your thoughts.
Don’t fight Mod Tikal.


Dit submitted to repair-her-armor:   

I made a zbrush sculpt from one of your blogs stuff


I made a zbrush sculpt from one of your blogs, few months ago. here you go


i also repaired it a bit.


I hope you like it.


Holy cow. I come back (sort of) from my hiatus to see this…! This is amazing! Seeing design being done in such a professional matter makes me realize that truly, indeed, this would definitely be something I’d see in games today. Think a MMORPG, a fighting game, a fantasy comic book heroine, an alternative costume for a “sexy pirate”. And to see this on a realistic woman makes things even more clear to me. There is so much potential in the design, it is absolutely beautifully done but, well, let’s just say imagining my privates having cold metal clinging to my body like that… *shivers*. Not to mention the questions I had for it in the original post.

The repaired version, though… I might just have literally dropped my jaw to the ground right now. I want to know more about this mysterious figure. I want to know what her story is, who she is, what she’s up to! Her outfit makes me so curious. And I genuinely would pay money to see this character star her own game. Can you imagine; an assassin that just left a masquerade? An adventurer entering the battle scene? Hooo boy. I need this.

(Also, from a character designer’s perspective; the repaired version is pure genius in terms of silhouette and placing of colors.)

Good work on this!

lewhux asked:

There goes the greed demon, appearing out of no where, their appearance a little flashy, but otherwise---calm. "You." They say, referring to the bunny demon. "What are you supposed to be." Oh there they go. A+ That's how you make convos.

Kinshu jumped in surprise, glancing at the demon. She said nothing for a long while, only staring at them as if trying to interpret what they said.

“Kinshu,” she replied softly. “I’m a summoner’s demon. A servant.”