100/ FIX6
never thought i’d have that many followers:) silly how it makes me happy haha but it does, so thanks to all you wonderful people:* cool knowing we all share interests:)

you guys should also follow a few great friends of mine

  • she has a super sick artsy blog. if u like Andy Warhol, Betsy Johnson, or the Maine, shes your girl:) >>>> FIX1
  • she has an amazing taste in fashion; swag, skulls, studs; is a big fan of Miley Cyrus and has a super sick taste in music; never disappoints. >>>> FIX2
  • she loves hair, and always posts deep meaningful quotes as well as hunky actors;) >>>> FIX3
  • she has THE BEST quotes, occasionally funny, but always amazing images and quotes from books and movies as well as awesome taste in fashion<333 and of course josh hutcherson. >>>> FIX4
  • she has even more AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING quotes, she tells it like it is ALWAYS, and is just an awesome quotes blog:) >>>> FIX5
  • she has awesome taste in fashion and music as well, loves Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and always has a lot of black and white posts:) >>>> FIX6