At least the Doctor had his sonic screwdriver, but how effective would that be if half a dozen of the things suddenly came at them? She turned to say something, but the Doctor was already at her shoulder. Absently he patted her arm. ‘Brave heart, Tegan,’ he murmured.

She didn’t have time to ask him what he was talking about, because he was already past her, moving towards the opening.

The Bodysnatchers by Mark Morris

Sorry for for the huge delay in having this picture ready, but we had some issues with time and Bronycon, but finally it is here. Thanks everyone who helped Flew. Right now he is getting accustomed to a new home and living a lot happier, so hopefully he can start working with us again soon. Now that this is done, we can finally go back to regular updates and shenanigans, but keep your eyes open for something else that’s about to come. You’ll all see~