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The journey continues as the trolls try to hold jobs at a restaurant for more than a day.

Original comic by Shubbabang

Cast in order of appearance:
Terezi - CocoRosco
Karkat, Patron #1 - AmbitiousBard
Gamzee, Patron #2 - Neo-Retro-Space-Jazz Violinist CausticGambler OBE
Equius - WarpedLamp
Aradia - Dreatron
Feferi - Jamborii
Vriska - ListlessDork
Kanaya - Kitsubasa
Tavros - Lolzman87
Eridan - EveryoneLovesRobots
Sollux, Injured Patron - BlinkyXX
Jade - Fivetail

Video Editing - SeñorPacman
Audio Editing - BlinkyXX and SeñorPacman

All the thanks in the world to everyone that helped. I hope you enjoy!

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Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS research

I was tagged by aquaticatrocities.

I tag fivetail, tylersthings and senorpacman 

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( adoxographist i stole your outkast joke thanks)


You are just… so amazing I’m super blessed to have met you! Other half of my muse like seriously. The words to my pictures. ~~the lyrics to my song~~ all that junk!! (hahah is there a featherbent joke in there….)

I look forwards to the future and all this time we have to make lovely things together. (Also I’ll be keeping you on your toes! We can punch away artist/writers block…t-together…). Have a lovely birthday!


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Kanaya voiced by me

Rose voiced by Fivetail

Comic by SkaritaGoesHomestuck

She told you, Rose. She warned you dog.

  • Karkat's Soliloquay
  • Klone
  • Boyfriend Leaders

[F] Karkat: Contemplate

Thought I’d do a little take on this existential soliloquay written by fivetail on Boyfriendleaders.

A small note, you’ll notice I’m not trying to do any sort of accent. I’m scottish, and that is my regular speaking voice. Why? Two reasons: a) Because an internal communication can happen in any accent you choose, try it now, think to yourself in an Indian voice. See? Why can’t a scottish accent work as well? b) Because KK is from a distant planet and I’m sure that they don’t all speak with what we’d know as an american accent.

Just thought I’d give it a whirl and try some more things in Audacity. There’s a few recording issues, but most of them only happened during the EQ stage of mixing, and I don’t know how to get rid of the added ornamentation that has happened, but all in all, I’m happy I managed to make a $20 microphone sound of a decent quality.

I hope fivetail sees this. ; ;