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Mark will forever, like the post suggests, be a part of our lives. He inspires us to do more, to think more, to laugh, smile, and cry more than ever. We thank you for that Mark, for the chance to have a better life. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Bought some foundation because I’ll be running out soon. I was going to buy a cleanser because I’m also running out of that but lookie cookie. I received all of these samples with my purchase. I literally have five sample tubes of the Définicils mascara, plus a sample tube of Hypnose mascara, and two full size unopened Hypnose mascaras. Needless to say, I don’t need more mascara. So I’m giving this one to a friend and will keep giving them to friends if I get more because… So much mascara haha.

Okay, since I’ve gained a couple new followers, I wanted to bring back up Basin. Basin is a bath/beauty shop similar to lush. They are a cheaper, but just as satisfying, option for those who can’t afford Lush prices. Their largest bath bombs go for about $5. You can get a barrel tube with five medium bombs for about $20 at this time if I’m correct. That’s about 50% more than you can get at Lush seeing as it costs anywhere from $5-$7 for one bomb on Lush. Just getting three bombs from Lush PLUS shipping is a little expensive. I really recommend checking out Basin. As far as I know, their bombs don’t contain any sugars or anything that could cause harm to the body. Something to really look at.

Some will get reimbursed for toll after accident

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — If you got stuck in the Midtown Tunnel Wednesday afternoon, you were probably turned around. Good news: Elizabeth River Tunnels says you won’t have to pay the toll. But what about everyone else who sat in traffic?

An accident inside the Midtown Tunnel closed the tube for five hours during the evening rush. Traffic was diverted to the Downtown Tunnel, where motorists had to…

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Five tubes of blood later, Im still wondering if i used that cleansing napkin correctly. Uncontrolled hate and rage for everyone today.