Another drawing challenge from Akaiii she wanted me to draw Foxy from Five Nights at Freddy’s ahhhh i did my best /cry/ The big version is here!

I added the other three because… why not. THEY’RE ALL going on a pirate adventure to find the lost treasure of Golden Freddy said to contain over 10,000 golden game tokens!! Unfortunately their buddy Mike doesn’t seem too interested in being recruited to the crew.

I can’t imagine why.

Ended up finishing a Foxy headshot I doodled out and thought I’d use it as my first lil’ thing to put up on Redbubble. :)

Considering I’ve seen quite a few other products on there that consist of FNAF characters, I’m ASSUMING the creator is fine with this sort of thing..? (Of course, if not taking credit for making these characters.)

But, if it’s not, someone do let me know and I’ll take it down from that site!

Otherwise, only plan to make designs for stickers/phone cases at the most! Probably not gonna put too much focus/effort into the thing, but eh, never know. Just wanna try this site out for fun. :)