This is not the end // Terrorist!Lisa

AU: Nine and Twelve are not dead, just arrested, and lying around juvenile court, whilst kickass Lisa continues their plans. (Also, their plan to make the experiment known has failed, hence…)
Genre: A lot of deep thoughts. 
Characters: Lisa, brief mentions of 9, 12 and 5. 
A/N: I am a lazy writer, hence, writer-nim doesn’t have time to proof-read.
Summary: Lisa gets shit done.

"A promise is a promise." 

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The Hype Train That is FNaF

If you weren’t huffing chlorine for the past several weeks, you would have noticed the massive storm that is Five Nights at Freddy’s. Now don’t get me wrong, it is a good game. It accomplished its goal of making me shit my pants. It came complete with its own fandom and starter set of furry porn. But the hype was……well overhyped. Those keeping up with Five Nights at Freddys know that Scott Cawthorn (the game’s creator) is ALREADY working on FNaF 2, and that it was a project in the making for a little bit of time. Now this is a double edged sword. Scott did not give Five Nights at Freddy’s enough time to marinate in the community a bit. It feels too rushed out, and too sudden. On the other hand, most good things come to an end. Like most games before it, Five nights at Freddy’s would be forgotten (eventually). It is a golden opportunity to work on a sequel now while the first game is still riding the hype wave. While the game is still fresh in people’s minds, when they see a sequel coming out soon, the game stays in a sort of “important” section of the brain, not being forgotten, therefore bringing in a large community. Either way, I am a bit excited for the second one, and I got to congratulate Scott Cawthorn on his success, and wish him luck for the future of the games industry.