#FIUThrowback: We always get some amazing comedians to come by our campus and perform… Especially before they blow up! So we’re curious, what’s your favorite Adam Sandler flick? #tbt

#FIUThrowback: Back in 1999, the Dalai Lama visited Miami for the first time and came to FIU for an honorary degree. He also had time to stop by the Pole of Peace next to the PC fountain. #tbt

This week is National Hurricane Preparedness Week, so here’s a glimpse of FIU 21 years ago right after Hurricane Andrew, and where we were 20 years after! #tbt #FIUThrowback

#FIUThrowback: earlier this week, we celebrated salsa legend Celia Cruz’s birthday. Well, you might not know this but she’s also an FIU alum of sorts! She received an honorary degree back in 1992! #tbt #Azucar

An #FIUThrowback, not just for FIU history, but also Miami history… There’s absolutely nothing around this end of Sweetwater in 1972. But this photo really shows how literal “Primera Casa” is, huh? #tbt

Here’s a throwback for you: celebration of the first #FIU Freshmen in 1982! (Special thanks to the University Archives for the photo) #tbt #FIUThrowback

Freshman Orientation continues today for the #FIU17 class! So here’s a look at orientation back in 1987 (When our mascot was the Sunblazer!). #FIUThrowback #tbt

In light of Hispanic Heritage Month, this week’s #FIUThrowback goes back to the early-80s for a Hispanic Heritage Week held in the GC Pit. Back then the pit was outdoor! #tbt