nerds!! my nerds discussing things they like. (or rather the doctor rambling about things and fitz not having a clue what half those things mean but listening intently anyway) also skirts!

If you mention or imply in any fic that Nine’s jacket used to be Fitz’s, I will curl up in a ball and set myself on fire.

This doesn’t mean that I’m opposed to the idea, oh no. It just means that, no matter how you intended it or whether or not it was meant to be an important thing, I will stop reading for at least five minutes and dry sob in agony, because you have reminded me of Nine Times The Doctor Kissed Fitz Kreiner (And One Time He Never Got To) and that fic is a fist full of feels.

Well, it looks like that Eight/Fitz Time War fic I started writing a fortnight ago will be multi-chapter. Not as long as my long fics usually are (mercifully - that much Time War would not be healthy for anyone), but longer than I first thought it would be. 

And to make all the angst in it to deal with, I’m also writing fluffy early Eight/Fitz, with awkward but cute dates and historical settings and tailcoats, because nothing could be less like the Time War. 



it’s christmas and the doctor and fitz have like. literally just woken up and they are wearing pajamas with dorky sweaters over them and kissing a lot

why you gotta be this cute fuck how does that even work

they probably fell down into a pile of dork right after this because it’s hard to kiss someone who differs greatly from you in height and keep your balance at the same time, especially when you have issues with the whole “balance” thing in the first place

i ruined the thing i was sketching on paper but i took a (bad) picture of it beforehand so it still exists in all it’s adorableness!

i m ig hT do some thing with this tomorro w? i do nt know i’m too t tired to th ink abo ut any thing but fitz and the doctor smooching and holding hands and gazing into each others eyes adoringly///////

i literally associate most happy love songs, a few not-so-happy love songs, and some songs that are only love songs if you look at them really hard with this fucking ship

like i literally have a 45-song playlist of songs i associate with them

and that was me being sELECTIVE