This is a comparison between me now and me back in January. Over the past year I developed a binge eating disorder and gained over a stone, putting me at my highest weight over Christmas of 10 st 8 lbs, roughly 66kg. All my clothes stopped fitting me and I was anxious and depressed. I went to the gym a few times a week and walked daily, but my binges and bad food choices meant that I wasn’t losing any weight. 
Fast forward to now and I’m a lot more in control with my life. I still wouldn’t consider myself “recovered” from my eating issues, but I haven’t had a proper binge in a fair while. I still haven’t managed to cut out sweet food (my biggest hurdle) and I still rack up 200-300 calories a day from it, but I exercise to overcome the excess and make sure all my other meals are really healthy, with loads of fruit and veg. It’s a slow process but it’s starting to come together, I love going for outdoor runs and I’ve started weights at the gym which make me feel great, something I really think every woman should start!
If I have any advice for people on weightloss journeys, it’s not to give up- I hit rock bottom around March when I realised that I’d put on more weight through poor “dieting” techniques and stressing myself out, but you just need to refocus and find healthy methods that work for you. 
Also, it’s fine to refuse that extra drink at the pub that your friends are trying to force on you, but it’s also fine to eat 3 slices of cake or a tub of ice cream once in a while!