The left photo is exactly one year ago when my life consisted of nothing but cardio as exercise, next to no food, binge drinking & drugs almost every weekend (Im telling it straight) The right is formed from a healthy balanced diet with 6 meals a day. Exercise 4-5 times a week with mixed cardio & weight training & a mindset to make my body the best it can be. I am now 5kilos heavier then I use to be, from 45kg-50kg. I am posting this to show everyone the difference that a healthy mindset can make, not only on your body but you as an individual. I have never been healthier & happier in my life & thats the change I made for no one but MYSELF. YOU make your own choices, YOU create your own happiness. Now… Has everyone been to gym today? :D Lets smash it!!!

What is H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training)? :

It's  a short burst of high intensity cardio movements for 2 minutes then going to lower intensity movements for 1 minute repeating this 5-10 times.

You can do this on a cardio machine or you can do it without equipment. You can run, sprint, or walk (high intensity movements), and add in strengthening exercises (low intensity movements).

The goal is to get your heart rate up as high as you can in the 2 minute bouts and letting your heart rate drop (not to resting) when doing the 1 minute bouts.

Benefits of H.I.I.T:

1.    You burn double the calories in 15-20 minutes than with a 30-60 minute cardio session.

2.    Best form of cardio for weight loss.

3.    You engage more muscles during the session, which means you, burn more fat.

4.    Increases your metabolism (you burn even more calories during the after burn).

5. You don’t need any equipment, you can do the workout anywhere and whenever it’s convenient for you.

6.  H.I.I.T challenges you and helps with boredom.

Thought I’d post a Transformation Tuesday since I’ve been struggling with my body image for the last few weeks. I held on to these jeans for 2 years hoping that some day I’d fit into them again. Spent my summer running and biking in rain or shine with that goal and by the end of summer they where to baggy to wear. These jeans are 14’s, I am now a 6. I still hang on to these jeans as a reminder of how far I’ve come.

I love this!  Thank you running for being there when no one else is!

Best luck to all who reads/sees this.  You deserve the body you’ve always dreamed of.  Go get it you badass bitch!!!!  

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I never thought this would be my body. Some days I am self conscious, I’ve gained 30lbs over the last year and filled out. Now 21, I know it sounds crazy but as a teenager I never thought I could have a booty, it was my biggest insecurity. Last night I had serious leg workout with my fiancé and this morning I just woke up and felt great-spiritually,
Mentally, physically. I’m just so proud of myself and this is just the beginning of my journey. So sorry this post got a little sappy but yeh, good morning everyone 🌞🌼💐☺️


Today is official.

I am finally 134lbs.

You don’t even know how long i’ve been waiting for be under the 135lbs.

And now it’s finally here.

After 207lbs it feels like heaven to me.

Cannot be more happier.

I am 5'6’ btw.

Don’t stop!