In this article we'€™ll share the 3 main strategies we use to help fix client’s €œbroken diets€ and get them on track when it comes to eating right. We'™ll also share how we troubleshoot eating plans when they’ve €œjust stopped working and clients don’t know what else to try. And, finally, we’ll show you how to use these powerful and purposeful strategies to improve your own eating. Or to help others do the same.


All over Hong Kong and Macau were public parks full of exercise equipment—and people use them! If only Americans were so diligent about public health and public spaces. It truly endeared me to the SARs.

I thought taking pictures of Hong Kong and Macau residents on the machines a bit too invasive, if not downright rude. So, please settle for a kid reaching for some weird spikey ball that helps you shake out your arms and shoulders. And me, looking like an idiot.

I also saw the same exercise equipment in Israel, too—same hot dog colors.

Fitocracy is crippling me

Ok, not really, but goddamn. Nothing brings into sharp focus just how out of shape you are until you try getting back into shape. I’m on a mission to get fit! If you haven’t seen it yet, join up with my link and I get some points or something. I don’t know. I just thought having an online community and ability to track my workouts and interact with others might help me stick with it. We’ll see!


10 day transformation: 26 March - 5 April

I am so happy there is some change in my physique after ten or so days of doing some cardio in addition to weight lifting. There’s still a lot of room for improvement but whenever I feel like I’m not progressing, I look at this pic and remind myself that change isn’t always obvious unless you make a pictorial evidence every so often.