Goodbye fitnessinablog :)

Will send out messages or follows soon on my new blog for those of you that reached out already. If you want to follow my journey drop me a message.

Stay fit stay happy, be content, be thankful.


Update on the back pain...

It’s still there but it’s definitely improving slowly. I’m sitting/lounging on the couch today instead of laying in bed. I’m trying to prevent another sleepless night with a change of scenery.

I’ve been upright while walking up and down stairs all day so that’s a good sign too. I may walk a bit on the treadmill in the morning just to get the muscles warmed up so I can stretch well.

Otherwise it’s been a nice boring weekend filled with Veronica Mars on Prime. I did the math btw… 3 seasons, 22 episodes in HD would have cost me $135. This August I will pay $99 for 1 year of Prime and get free 2 day shipping on all the shit I order (which is a lot). Yup, I win.

Also, Chocolate Wheat beer FTW. Responses below! XO


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