Some helpful links: 

Tips to stop binging:

Tips to stay motivated:

Tips on juggling a healthy lifestyle and school:

How to get rid of stretch marks:

I get asked about these topics the most and i’ve already made videos on them so i thought it might help you guys out! :)


The 6 month challenge (Weight loss/fitness)

i'm running a 6 month weight loss/fitness challenge again! Who’s in? i’m posting this a bit late on here but as i say in the video you can join in any time :) 


Here are all the healthy recipe videos i’ve made so far, all of them are super simple but i’m planning on making more complicated ones :)

Banana fruit salad:

Peanut butter porridge:

Apple & peanut butter:

Banana ice cream:

Spicy hummus:

If you have some good recipes, share them with me and i’ll try them out :)