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oh if you don't use photoshop then what do you use? You're very good at it? Do you use a tablet though? I think that fits my previous question better.

I use paint tool SAI and work on paper, then scan it and color with mouse c:

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I have a non-fitness question! Do you put ice in your drinks or do you drink them room temp? I traveled to London once and this waiter got super offended because I asked for a cup of ice. It was so hot people literally died that day from the heat! I never knew ice was so controversial! lol!

That’s weird, not sure why he was offended?
I never ever put ice in my drink but that’s my preference. Especially in alcoholic drinks with spirits…. it waters it down 👎

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Hi! I just marathoned the first three TRC books in under a week and I just wanted to say your writing is stunning and your characters are so beautifully developed. Anyway, this is me trying to sneakily fit two questions into one; is the effect that Kavinsky's death had on Ronan to be explored in any way from his PoV (if his PoV is in TRK....?). I found the Kavinsky/Lynch dynamic really intriguing and oddly touching. Thanks, I look forward to the final installment of TRC :)

Dear lanawinteers,

I tread cautiously on to this question, like an oversized badger climbs a sapling in a hurricane, because I know the TRC fandom has wildly differing readings of our man Kavinsky. But. I’m standing on the sidelines watching someone in real life go through the effects of an abusive relationship right now, and it feels incredibly irresponsible to not answer one of the many Kavinsky asks in my inbox.

Yes, Ronan has much POV in The Raven King. And yes, there is some musing upon Kavinsky’s death, but it’s not touching musing/ mourning. It’s true that Ronan & K shared some touching moments in The Dream Thieves, punctuated by delicate power plays, but it ended with Ronan rejecting Kavinsky and Kavinsky kidnapping the thing Ronan loves more than anything: his younger brother Matthew. 

Blue’s narrating when Gansey and Ronan come to 300 Fox Way, discovering that Matthew’s been missing:

Ronan exploded in behind him, and if she hadn’t been able to tell from Gansey, she would’ve known it from Ronan. He was wild-eyed as a trapped animal. When he stopped, he rested his hand on the doorjamb and his fingers crawled up it.

Ronan Lynch does not get wild-eyed — only in this case, he does. Kavinsky knew the one thing that would hurt Ronan more than anything else, and that’s what he went for. 

Ronan himself says in his chapter:

Something ill turned over inside Ronan.

One thousand nightmares of Matthew dead. Blood in his curls, blood in his teeth, flies in his eyes, flies in his guts.

and directly after Kavinsky’s death:

The pair of white sunglasses lay in the dust beside Ronan’s toe. He didn’t take them. He just held Matthew tightly, unwilling to let him go just yet. His brain kept replaying the image of Matthew climbing out of the trunk, fire hitting the car, Kavinsky falling —

He’d had so many nightmares of something happening to him. 

At one point, the Kavinsky/Lynch dynamic was an explosive but not deadly thing: a sparkler clutched in a dry field. But any credit in the bank Kavinsky might have had was destroyed when he drugged and threatened a family member. The nicest guy in the world is only as big as his abuse, and Kavinsky wasn’t even the nicest guy in the world. The final pages of The Dream Thieves undo 350 pages before it— that’s also how life works, for the record. Endeavor not to kidnap people or stuff them in trunks, because it ruins all the birthday cards that come before. 

So. Spoiler alert: Ronan doesn’t forgive Kavinsky. And he never forgets what it felt like to be afraid for his brother. What it felt like to see his worst nightmare brought to life by someone other than himself.

And that is what you’ll find in The Raven King. 



Q. What is the best way to control my breathing when doing cardio

A. During cardiovascular exercise, you should make a conscious effort to breathe deeply through your diaphragm (nose) with a smooth purposeful rhythm. Try to breathe as naturally as possible just as long as you are not taking in short shallow breaths. This is not suggested and can cause more harm than good.

If you come to a point in your exercise where you are losing control of your breathing patterns then you can reset your rhythm by taking deep breaths. Try this method by inhaling through your nose deeply and exhaling out your mouth for a few cycles. These should be elongated breaths. Gradually, you should start feeling a bit more control of your breathing as you start to breathe more normally  - Tyree Simmons, Personal Trainer, NY. (Source: WorkoutLabs)

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Do you know any good exercise that help with flexibility?I'm really inflexible where I can't even sit on the floor and cross my legs fully,or to sit on the floor with my legs under me(I guess like Japanese style)without hurting/feeling uncomfortable

I don’t off the top of my head I googled some & found these. Like I said, I can’t vouch for them since I’ve never tried them but if they don’t seem to work then you could always just google some more :) 

Stress Eating

Like everyone who is doing exams, the stress is totally getting to me and it’s not helping me on my fitness journey at all. I come home, tired and hungry and I immediately go for the junk food. Then afterwards in the evening, I feel so guilty that I can’t focus because I can’t stop thinking about all the junk food I ate.

Any suggestions to help?

It’s really upsetting to see young girls and teenagers (even adults) striving towards unrealistic and unhealthy goals. I sometimes see a lot of girls posting ‘bodyspo’ and ‘ideal body goals’ and honestly it hurts.

It hurts because I want you girls to know better. 

I want you to learn that the way you achieve those bodies can be harmful. I want you to know the mindset behind the ‘ideal goal body’ is not healthy. You have probably been told this or read this countless times and either don’t care or won’t think it applies to you. 

But I promise you that if you think like this it is not healthy.

It hurts because so many of you won’t ask for help for fear of looking ‘stupid’ or because you don’t want people to know that you are actively trying to change the way you look.

No one expects you to know everything from the start and the people who count won’t have any trouble with you asking questions (honestly no question is stupid). Irl and here on tumblr there are so many people that will let you come to them with questions or even ways of finding out the information you need so easily.

It hurts because you don’t see how beautiful you are.

You think that no one will think you’re attractive until you look like those girls in the magazines. I promise you this is not true and any body that thinks you need to change in order to be attractive to them is not worth the dirt on the bottom of your shoe. 

I think it hurts most because nobody ever told me this when I was younger. 

It took me years to learn that my mindset was not in any way healthy. I don’t want any of you putting yourself through what I did. 

Every body is different and you wont ever look like her. In a lot of cases she doesn’t even look like that. Yes, strive from the best you but don’t use other people as goals. 

You won’t ever be able to stop seeing images of these women but instead of viewing them as goals (or even competition) instead look at them as inspiration. Just realize that real healthy bodies take work. 


Riley Dann from answers some questions about spot toning - How do I get a flat tummy? How do I make my thighs thinner?

At one point I actually lose the ability to be coherent due to my hatred of societies expectations hahaha

Question for you guys..

I have a question for all Fitblrs out there!

Is there a way to prevent Boob-loss from working out too much? I have loss a substantial amount of mass (haha) and I’m pretty sure a lot of girls out there are wondering the same thing. So far I’ve just been accepting that it is part and parcel of working out, but I just want to confirm with answers from girls that work out in real life. Anyone?

Q: "I have to poop every time I run. I know, it's not sexy to talk about but I can't help it. PLEASE tell me how to stop running to the bathroom instead of running where I want?" -- Anonymous

A: So there’s some good news: According to a review, published in the International SportsMed Journal, of gastrointestinal problems in distance running – 37 to 71 percent of runners actually experience the same symptoms. You can now rejoice that you are not the only person running the 5K who wishes they could find a port-a-potty, STAT.

According to the study’s author, Dr. Stephen Simons, the “up and down movement of running coupled with the body’s temperature increase – think about it as a bit of an egg beater effect – just kind of emulsifying the bowel contents.”

OK, so you’re wondering what you can do to fix it? Well, there are a few things. First of all, try to get your system going before you run by having a snack or some coffee. This will trigger your bowls, encouraging you to hit the bathroom before starting activity.

Another helpful tip? Try doing a brief run before your real one, which can help you empty things out, so to speak, before you commit to some longer distances.

And lastly, watch what you’re consuming. The last thing you want to do is overdo it on high-fat or high-fiber foods before enduring longterm exercise. Will you get this all down right out of the gate? Of course not, and that’s OK. The best thing you can do is trial and error, experimenting with what options work for you and your body.

(Source: Fitbie)

Thanks to my dumb ass and bad form, looks like I hurt myself. Momo already let me know that I was doing bicep curls wrong and I’m still paying for it now. My arms have been hurting for two days now, today being the day it’s a bit more stiff to either straighten my arms or bend them close to me. Would it be bad if tomorrow, when I work out again, to focus on my arms or should I let them rest more? 

Q. “When running up a hill, is it better to lengthen your stride or do short steps to power through? I’ve heard different things!” - CAROLINE

AGood question! It depends on the grade of the hill. For steep hills, the rule of thumb is to slightly shorten your stride and lean into the incline as you lift your knees, taking quick, small steps. But for a long, gradual incline, try to keep your stride length the same as if you were running on flat ground, while lifting your chest. No matter what sort of hill you’re tackling, keep your eyes on the horizon and confidently show that hill who’s boss! - Coach Hillary Kigar and former NCAA athlete (Source: Women’s Running)

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Hiiiii!!!! I want to lose stomach and thigh fat I'm average weight for a teen, but I could lose the fat. Do u have any exercise tips to lose weight in those areas fast? Also do I need to diet?

Hi! Well first of all, you DON’T have to go on a diet. You just need to eat healthier. As you might know, lose weight ONLY in specific areas is almost impossible. To lose weight, it has to be a loss in general, but it should be ok if you eat healthy meals. Then you can tone up the specific areas you want, in this case stomach and thights! You can do any exercise you find for abs, there’re a lot! And for thighs you should check on youtube “thighs workout routine” and you’re gonna see the results if you keep focusing in healhy meals and this kind of exercise. Good luck sweetheart, STAY STRONG!! PS: Clicking here you have an exampleIt has abs, thighs and butt exercise and it’s only 15 minutes! 

Does overall productivity increase when you start getting in a workout routine? Like go to the gym after school, come home do homework, relax, go to sleep at reasonable time. Does it help round your daily routine?

January Fitness Kickoff!!

I’ve been ticking away at questions all day. If you have any you want answered, toss them at me! I’m going to start again in a couple hours and try and be at this until about midnight, EST. 

Let’s make 2014 the best year yet!

[Discussion] Mother's Day/family event woes via /r/Paleo

Dad: “We’ll be having steak and yams on the grill for lunch, come home hungry!”

Me: “Oh SWEET! Maybe this won’t be as terrible as I expected!”

Sweet indeed. Turns out that the steaks have been marinating in copious amounts of “Steakhouse Sauce” (AKA sugar) all night, and the yams are baked with 2 cups of sugar and marshmellows on top. It’s the most sickeningly sweet smelling thing I’ve seen since the last time I came home. Time to feel terrible for an afternoon! :D It’s a good thing I really love my mother.

Care to share any family event woes?

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