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Hi I’m Isis ive shared my story before.

i was 325lbs at the age of 18, after high school i decided that i hate my life, and myself and i wanted to change that. With support and help, me and my best friend pushed each other and together we lost weight, as well as learned to control out diets and become vegans. 

 I’ve now lost another 20lbs i did make it to 210 lb but i broke my nose and dislocated my shoulder and was not able to workout, which only made me more depressed. I started to eat a lot of cooked foods and not enough fruits. I’m back to 226 :[

but I’m ready this time! ive lost 120lbs…

I’m going to destroy the last 40lbs and tone for the healthier body I’ve worked for !! NOW WHO’S WITH ME!!!

@followthelita: Killer leg session completed earlier today, now ya girl is en route to the #NikeFootballSociety NYC Draft!!! Swappin’ out my #Nike trainers for some pumps & threw on this little black number, timeeeee for some fun with my #NFS Football Family!!! —- Ima’ stomp up in there and let em’ know that this Linebacker ain’t playing no games this season!!! Bringing that SAMOAN THUNDER to the field!!! 😜😜😜 #GoDreamersGo! 🏈🏆🏈🏆