Power teen. Juliette Chang-Fane How do you get by at 5:30 am on heavy C&J day? Bash the barbell with your anger. Know you are something good. Know that you’re in control of being happy. Don’t rely on someone to make you happy. Find those few that will always be there for you when you fall down. Those people are the ones. Get rid of the negativity in your life. Get rid of the people that don’t see your full potential. Get rid of anger, use it as fuel to create a better you. Use it as knowledge because times never on your side. Use the lessons as a guide because it’s never going to get easier. Don’t shed one tear for someone that’s not worth it. Don’t think for 1 second about someone that doesn’t matter. Mark your territory, show them you’re there, and let them know one day you’ll be at the top smiling down at them saying, “look at me now” ☝️