Hi! This is me from last July until March 26/15. 

I am 5 foot 7 and was 178 lbs. I am now 142 lbs.

Jillian Michael’s DVDs (30-day Shred & Yoga Inferno) and the Wii game Just Dance helped me to shed much of the weight. Signing up for some mud obstacle courses was what really kicked me into gear.

I workout 3-6 days a week (depends how hard school is), but I aim to get in 6 days with one light active day. Combination cardio & strength. I plan to begin running outside again once the snow clears.

It takes 4 weeks for you to notice the body changes, and 8 weeks for everyone else to catch on.

Don’t give up! The hard work will be SOOO worth it. I can’t imagine going back.

Well my bulk is over. Time to start losing that fat in time for the summer. Hoping to get more of a shredded look. I haven’t cut in a long time, I’m curious as to how it’ll look!

@priscillaetrindade: Faça chuva ou faça sol, com ou sem vontade, bem disposta ou cansada, fazendo frio ou calor, não importa, eu irei treinar mesmo assim. Vou mesmo que me arrastando, mesmo que um pouco doente, mesmo que desanimada. De qualquer jeito irei treinar! Porque vale muito a pena!! Porque após sempre me sinto muito melhor!! Porque faz muito bem pra mim!! I❤️FITNESS!! #fitnesslifestyle #bodybuilding #fitnessgirl #buttmaster #iwantmoremuscle #fitnessforever