fitforfighting said:

I'm away at college, so I voted absentee. Happy I did and couldn't be more proud, but kinda sad I don't get a sticker or pin today...

Luckily my college has a very big political scene, so I was able to register here on campus and vote downstairs in the lobby of my dorm. It awesome that you voted though despite not being able to do it in person. Heres a sticker anyway dear, If we’re honest its probably my favorite part.

fitforfighting said:

did your trainer give you a reason why no sports for two weeks after your tat? cuz that seems really weird to me

Not only he told me but also the tattooer. It’s because of the possible sweat and the muscle under it, that all could make the tattoo look weird, crooked afterwards because it’s not healed yet.

It sucks, that’s true but the better I take care of my tattoo now the longer it will look really good and the better the result in the end.

Though I didn’t completely cancelled sport. I’m still doing little work outs for my abs and legs, nothing too hard so that I don’t sweat too much.

Can’t wait to go back to the gym though!