I Found My Pants When I was 232 lbs!

While I was cleaning my room I found a pair of pants I thought I threw out. These pants were ones I wore all the time during my job at Dollar Tree. They are a size 24 in Women’s.

Also, it barely works, but I can stick my whole body into one of my pant legs. I found this awesome!

Now I wear a size 10-12 depending on the pants and the day. I could not believe I used to wear a pair of pants…

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Since my break wall of not losing weight has put me in a bad mood I decided to make a list of accomplishments that will bring my spirits up. Since May 20, 2012 I have done many things.

+I have lost 79 lbs

+I joined a gym

+I lost 14 pant/dress sizes

+ I entered onederland

+I got a very short hair style due to my new confidence

+I joined a spinning class

+I did two 5k’s and ran one the entire time

+I created this blog.

+I appeared on the Rachael Ray Show due to my weight loss.

+I met my fitness hero Bob Harper on the Rachael Ray Show

+I have people all over the country and world following me on tumblr, facebook, instagram, vine and twitter because I inspire them.

+I feel healthy for the first time in my entire life.

+I feel comfortable in my own skin.

 So..not losing weight the last couple weeks sucks. I know I am losing inches though. Today I thought about it and came to the conclusion that there is no rush. Why am I rushing this process? It did not take me a year to gain 232 lbs. It took 23 years of my life. Why do I think the weight will come off only a year? I need to realize that this process takes time and I am doing a great job. Sure..I am not losing weight but I am not gaining. That means something. This takes time.