@tanyarachanfitness: Off-season. No filter. Been enjoying a treat every day and keep the weekends for my indulgent “cheat meals” this is how I will continue to eat because it allows me to look the way I want to look, keeps me sane, and healthy. You can do anything you set your mind to. Balance is key. I find that little treats allow me work out harder bc I have a little guilty conscience telling me I ate something naughty lol. Hey, to each his own! 💪👌#work #balance #fitness #fitfam #healthy #bikini #ifbb #pro #girlswithmuscle @girlswithmuscle @spotmegirl #imprettyfit @imprettyfit #happy #curvy #picoftheday #sunday #strikeapose #loveyourself #buildshapes


This comparison makes me want to keep going!

I remember the day I took the first picture I was so happy I could still zip up my high waisted shorts, even if they were very thight on me. Now they fit just fine! I’m using MyFitnessPal and creating a calorie deficit . And for exercise I basically just did aerobics/dance videos for around 40 min every day. I’ve also done the “30 Day Shred” a few days. 

My height: 156cm (5’1 1/2)

I’m not sure of my weight but here goes an estimate:

Before picture: 120 lbs

After Picture: 115 lbs

(you can find more numbers on my blog c:)

All you people on this website are so inspiring to me, thank you!