@aliciamariebody: SQUATS are great and all but don’t neglect other amazing moves you can do for tighter, ROUNDER glutes…🍰🍰 Lunges (all of the many kinds and styles!), kick-backs, bridges, deadlifts etc - all will help shape and lift your bum as well. Add them to your routine now and by spring/summer you’ll be bouncing silver dollars off those bad boys😄🍑 Get it? Got it? GOOD. Grab some weights and let’s GO - 😄💪👏💋 #aliciamarie #body #fitness #glutes #thebootybible #cosplay #workout #fitspo #shesquats #girlswithmuscle #legs #abs #squatspo #instafit #instamood #life #love #fitnessmodel #nerdfitness👓

It’s not okay for your family to make you feel like shit this holiday season.

You are majestic.
You are beautiful.
You are brilliant.
You are fucking perfect.

I love every single one of you fuckers and I promise to send everyone who reblogs this a personal beautiful message over this holiday season.

Because fuck feeling like shit. No one deserves that. 

Merry fucking Christmas you little shits.

Submitted by: mywifemakes

Simple and delicious Thai Green Curry Fried Rice recipe. A breeze to prepare, packed with healthy taste (very little oil and fresh ingredients) [V]. 

Full recipe: http://www.mywifemakes.com/2014/12/20/thai-green-curry-fried-rice/
Photo credit: mywifemakes.com

Submitted by: piecesinprogress

I’ll be honest, 9 out of 10 times when I make this recipe I eat it as is straight out of the pan (that tenth time is when I make a double batch). Zippy lemon, a total of just 10 minutes, grilling goodness that helps me forget the temperature outside, and the whole thing for just around 100 calories- snacks don’t get much better than that in my book!

For the recipe and 8 ways to use it (if you can resist long enough to make them haha) go here! :)