George Harrison playing his sitar at Kinfauns, Esher, 1967

Photo: Henry Grossman

"Another time, Grossman was at Harrison’s house, and saw what he assumed was a wall decoration.
'I said, “What’s that?”' Grossman remembers. 'He reached up, took it down and said, “That’s a sitar, but I can’t find anybody to teach me how to play it.” So I looked at him, and I said, “George, you make a lot of money.” He smiled. I said, “You could find the best sitar player in India and bring him here for the summer to teach you.”'
The next time Grossman went to see Harrison, the guitarist answered the door in bare feet, and urged his visitor to take his shoes off, too. Harrison had been to India to study sitar with Ravi Shankar, and was settling into a more Eastern sensibility.
Despite their youth, the Beatles had depths that impressed Grossman. ‘I have a 25-minute audiotape of George and me talking about philosophy,’ he says. ‘He was so far ahead of what I knew then and know even now, my God. This was an old soul. Someone who knew and had thought about everything.’” - Brandeis Magazine, Spring 2013