Idris Elba as Joey Tribbiani
Joey may not be the brightest or most academic guy, but he’s a caring, loyal friend. He may not always get the obvious, but he often sees the simple solutions his friends miss.Always up for a good time, Joey loves quite deeply. He loves women, sandwiches, and beer. He is the smoothest of the guys. The most important thing to him, however, is his friends, and he would never do anything to jeopardize his friendships. The Knicks rule all!

Godfrey Gao as Ross Geller
Ross tends to be rather full of himself, but once he loves you, he’ll always love you. He loves academia and is a romantic at heart even if his initial flirting attempts are overly awkward. Ross is a very sentimental person who isn’t afraid to help others out. He’s also good with children, and can be a bit of a shameless nerd.

Hari Kondabolu as Chandler Bing
Chandler is a huge jokester, although much of his humor stems from his inability to handle his childhood. Terrified of commitment, he doesn’t date many women, but when he finds the right woman, he’ll happily make the lunge into marriage. Chandler can be afraid to speak up around others sometimes due to caring a lot, not only about how they perceive him, but also because he doesn’t want to be the one to hurt them.

Celia Au as Phoebe Buffay
Although she appears fun loving and a bit naive, Phoebe is fierce and unafraid to speak her mind. Due to growing up homeless, Phoebe has learned some unique ways to survive and has not let her past experiences make her a negative or pessimistic person. She cares deeply for any living thing, going so far as to throw funerals for dead flowers and becoming a vegetarian.

Laverne Cox as Rachel Green
Rachel loves fashion and can be a bit of a pushover at times. Despite growing up rich, when Rachel refused to marry a man she realized she didn’t love, she had to learn to make it on her own and has managed a successful path up the world of fashion. She’s a woman who follows her own heart. Although she can come off as spoiled sometimes, she really cares about how others are doing.

Janelle Monae as Monica Geller
Monica likes things clean. She enjoys cooking and cleaning and is a perfectionist. She can be loud at times, but she’s passionate and not afraid to share her knowledge. Very competitive, Monica can come off rather in-your-face, but she is also able to step back and tone it down if she’s hurting others. She also cares very deeply about what others think of herself, but when pushed, will stand up for herself.

mikeslaboratory replied to your post: so i decided to play on that ‘just fuc…

Pls tell me I’m correct in assuming you’re talking about minecraft. Cuz if it is, Id love to play multiplayer

yeah im on minecraft but i dont have a server (and i cant renew my realms sub until i get more work ;_;) other wise i’d say yeah multiplayer!! but alas at the moment its more like:

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