Here are the pictures they got of me at the Rugged Maniac this past weekend!! I am obviously not in good shape. It took me a little under two hours to complete 23 of the 25 obstacles in the process of going 3.1 miles. I have been sore from Saturday to today (Tuesday), and today is the first day I’m not waddling. I have bruises every where. I found out I’m really scared of heights.

But it was easily the most fun and most rewarding thing I’ve ever done! I wanted to hate how hard I had to work during the entire thing, but I really just hated how much of it I couldn’t do on my own. Every time I climbed something, a stranger had to help my friend get me over the top because I got scared. My friend helped me keep my balance on multiple things, even going as far as to walk backwards across the balance beam! I needed a few pushes to get up muddy hills. A stranger helped me put 50 pounds on my shoulders so I could carry it for the 20-or-so-feet.

But you know what… I still did it. My feet carried me the entire way. I crawled through mud and water. I climbed to the top of every obstacle. I jumped what I needed to jump. I got stuck in the mud. I climbed the skiing hills. I did this. No one walked it for me. No one did anything other than offer a helping hand. I did all of it. Getting help or not, that is something I am proud of.

And next year, I’ll be the one helping other races who may be in the position I was in this year.

But for now…enjoy these pictures of the funny faces I made. :)

i don’t know about you guys, but i thought that that was an amazing premiere. the comedy was on point, perfect amount of ensemble time individually and together, just enough amount of nick/jess and nothing more and just an overall fun vibe that sets the stage to what i’m hoping is the return of our favourite show. bring season 4!

It’s crazy how one day of clean eating and running changes everything! Yesterday I got back on myfitnesspal and went for a run after the realisation that 1) I’m over my stomach bug so no excuse for not exercising and 2) I gained approximately 6lbs this summer. Yesterday I stuck to my calorie allowance rigidly - did a two hour dog walk with my mum and a 4.3k run and wow today I feel great! I even have a little muscle pain which is lovely.

Granted I went to sleep hungry but hey weightloss isn’t easy. Today I’m shopping in oxford street meaning my mind will be kept off food - will have a sandwich or salad for lunch and some soup for dinner when I’m home :)

I can do this! 💪🏃


Lily is at work so I had to run alone which was sad. Buuut..
Today marks my best mile pace ever (12:12 - I know it’s slow but I was happy) and my first negative split! Getting the hang of pacing myself. Spent the whole run hoping it was going to start raining again. It didn’t. Oh well. It was still a really great run.

3 days and only one short run until race day!


A very fast and very painful and close to vomit inducing speed-work run.

Sad that the Nike run app wouldn’t work so I don’t get my credit for the challenges :(

Fastest I’ve gone in a very long time, with moderate amount of breath catching breaks. We forgot our mid-run selfies and for that I’m sad, but I took a few after. The very first is me and the munchkin über cheesing and I love it.



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Day 1: Ten facts about you and a picture

  1. I am a natural blonde, but I dislike my colour so I dye it red using henna
  2. I live in Malmö, Sweden, but I originate from Visby, Sweden (the swedes will know the difference here ;)) 
  3. I work as a programmer (kind of) so I sit down in an office 9 hours a day. I workout either before work or after, sometimes during ;) 
  4. I’ve had this tumblr for a bit over a year now
  5. I have a boyfriend whom is an ex-body builder
  6. I get super motivated to workout from getting new workout clothes or from talking with you guys :) 
  7. I like zombies ;) 
  8. My biggest role models in life are Modesty Blaise, Tulip O’hare, Morticia Addams and Tank Girl :) 
  9. I like comic books, roleplaying games, LARP:ing, reading books (fantasy and horror!), playing video games and Netflix (among other things) 
  10. I really, really want to become a mother


Classic work outfit :)