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Sorry lil buddy (he did a hella good job of extrapolating the main point outta that post! #NotReallyTho) And good lookin out for “my cause” -annd not really sure what CD stands for, but if it means what I think, then pls stop trying to offer “help”

Anywho, I implied that ALL Republicans were racist when what I really meant was that 99.99999% of Republicans are racist…important difference. The “non-racist” ones only ~*help*~ to vote the racist ones into office 


Um, I hope that was better :)

Raffle Prize Lair Review: fishspeakers - IC (Nyx)

Ick. A water nest. In the great ice lands we do not bother with liquid water. My toes are all wet. This horrid water resembles the Windswept Plateau’s grass. Far too tickly.

This clan is filled with dragons I assume are half-wits. (Of course, most dragons besides myself are truly half-wits, so it’s hard to tell.) Why else would they where those dreadful skins?


You poor dear. I realize that being a fat, lazy snapper must be difficult, but you mustn’t cry in such a disturbing manner. Remind me sometime to reapply your mascara.


And you, you poor soul. That skin barely fits around your face. Let’s take a peek under —

No. You’re right. Leave it on.

Well, what do we have here?


Oh, how handsome. Jerome, the gems on your wings sparkle and gleam. Your tail feathers are so shiny, too! I bet iridescent would look wonderful on you. You have no children - I hope your mate treats you as well as I wo —


Finally, a companion worthy of my presence! You, my dear, quite resemble my mate, Lumos. Perhaps you are related? What’s that? Orlanth is your father? My, look at that. Not only are you brother and sister, but you are clutchmates! I’m glad to see you’re doing well, sister-in-law. Even though I do not approve of that armband.

I am not naked. I am very cultured and do not burden myself with such trinkets. Well - maybe you - spl —

Ayra, I do not think you’ll be invited to the next family gathering. Congratulations on never getting to meet your nieces and nephew. I hope you can use those flower petals to mop up the tears I will never cry.

fishspeakers said:

wtfsocialjustice's main account here: 1. first, i'm not white, and can't non-whites not be racist? haha. and 2. so-treu works at my school. do you think i should report her to the administration for stalking a minor. small world isn't it.

I didn’t know if you wanted this posted but was the first question directed at me? I guess it is a small world. What would your administration do? It’s really up to you if you want to report her. I mean I would if I was in this situation. 

fishspeakers said:

what advice would you give to someone in Poli Sci classes? I'm thinking of including Poli Sci classes as part of my major.

Hmm.  Good question.  I suggest paying attention.  I know this sounds silly, but sometimes the content seems boring, and you begin to space out, and then you miss the most important information of the day, which, of course, is the topic of your paper.  Also, ask questions!  If you don’t get a concept, don’t be afraid to approach your professor, TA, or fellow student, as often you are talking about theory and happenstance, which can get real confusing.  I hope this helps!!

fishspeakers said:

but lsd isn't a hard drug haha

Oh, I suppose I should clarify, anything illicit is what I call a “hard drug”. Just a personal thing because I’m Southern and lazy and “illicit” takes too long to type out and say. :P

fishspeakers said:

have you tried joining clubs? I don't think Fordham even has Greek life so joining a frat would be way out.

Yeah there are no frats or sororities at this Lincoln Center campus, only at Rose Hill, which is in the Bronx and quite the day trip away, and even then, there aren’t very many.

There’s a Gamer’s Guild but they mainly play LoL, Starcraft, WoW, and Brawl, all hypercompetitive games to stack up in a tournament and to ridicule t0t41 n00bs when they lose because they haven’t emerged from the womb playing these games so I decided not to join it. Before you say that this is a false assumption, during a LoL tournament, one of my friends got kicked off his team and immediately replaced simply because he didn’t have the charger for his laptop, needed to play on his desktop in his room, and wanted to communicate through Skype. When I heard about that, I knew I had made the right decision not to join.

There’s Rainbow Alliance but I already talked about that.

I tried to write for the newspaper but I think they ran out of spots because I sent them an email and they never emailed me back.

There is no literary club to speak of. I was thinking that maybe I should start one but I don’t exactly have a theme in mind and I wouldn’t even know what to do with one or if enough people would even want to show up. There isn’t a lot of diversity in that sector of Fordham life. I think my two English major friends are as radical as it gets.

I dunno. I’ll look further into it some time.

What did you decide on Vandy?

I applied to 12 schools, got into 6, waitlisted at 1, and denied from 5. I narrowed it from 6 to 3 (the final three being: Vanderbilt, the University of Georgia, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill).

UNC Chapel Hill was gorgeous and a great fit, but ultimately it was too expensive.

My family has a lot of history with the University of Georgia (my aunts and uncles, my parents, my grandparents, and all of my cousins have gone there), so it was hard to give up the school I had pictured myself attending since I was little girl, where I pictured myself attending even senior year.

I actually didn’t seriously think about Vandy until I got in. All I knew about it was that it was beautiful and they beat UGA in football one year at UGA’s Sanford Stadium. The more I researched, the more I fell in love. Vanderbilt’s academics and the opportunities that come with that (research, internships, medical school acceptance rate/advising, opportunities with the university medical center) were the ultimate draw. With a class so small and so much attention placed on undergraduates, I knew that I’d get the attention that I need. Smaller class sizes were a huge factor too—I’m taking a writing seminar with only 15 students this fall! My largest class is a general chemistry lecture, and there are only 200, compared to what would be a class of 1000 at UGA. Plus, they have this thing called the Commons where the freshman live, which is much like Harry Potter with heads of house and everything. (there may be a quidditch tournament between houses if i’m not mistaken!) The thing that did it was the feel of the campus, though. I went for the College of Arts & Sciences Preview day and it was being on campus, having a tour, talking with the students, we ate lunch with the students in the commons dining center and it just felt like the right fit! that day, after driving four and half hours home, I mailed my enrollment deposit! i just went with my gut.

That was kind of long-winded, but I hope it helped!

fishspeakers said:


Easy. When you started dating Jordan.

Everybody had (and mainly still has) this perception of you as some vast conglomeration of intelligence, weirdness, and unpopular opinions and that’s unfair to you because what basically ends up happening is that they objectified you. You were never just another person to anyone in Brentwood. You were some weird sort of legend and nobody really bothered to get to know you before embracing the conventional wisdom about you that traveled around the high school. I didn’t like that. You were my friend starting in middle school and I was still fairly new so I didn’t really understand these things were being said about you until later and it just didn’t make sense to me, why people would view you as anything else than just someone being herself.

When word finally got out that you were seeing somebody, it was kind of hilarious, to see the shock. They were figuring out what I already knew. To them, it really was a shock, to see you doing something that a girl does, which is being with a guy that she really likes and sustaining a relationship. It’s some big statement in the social hierarchy when someone they’ve objectified becomes human in their eyes. But I just sat back and laughed because I knew you and was able to be happy for you the way I could be happy for any other one of my friends that had the same thing happen to them.

Dating Jordan shaped my perception of you by solidifying it. Even though you’ve got a keen amount of perception and a passionate drive to pursue what you really care about, you’re still a girl that just wants to be happy in her life, just like everyone else. It’s why you’re my friend, Jackie. We may disagree in various ways, but that’s never stopped me from admiring your perseverance in being yourself despite what the people say. It’s what makes you you, and why I’ll always value you as a friend of mine.

fishspeakers said:

50, 75, 82

  • 50: Do you wish your ex was dead?
  • Fuck no.
  • 75: Do you get annoyed easily?
  • Nah. You have to try pretty hard to annoy me.
  • 82: Is there someone who meant alot to you at one point, and isn’t around anymore?
  • There are about six of those people and I miss them dearly.