ooh you are welcome! I’m a pretty minor blog that doesn’t get much action so when i saw your ask i thought i did something wrong :I

Some good tips is dont send hate and dont be a dick

thats all i got

just done be mean and we wont feed you too our fluffy chicken.

Now blogs i cant really say bc i follow a lot of *cough* zosan *cough* my otp *cough cough hack spit up kidney*  but a few would definatly be askcaptaintashigi  kuro-hachi askblackleg-sanji and ask-zoro. they’re a few of my personal favorites and i have lots of RP and other ask blog bffls through my own blogs. You can go from there and find blogs you like yourself, depending on your OTP and just preferences in general.

haha this was pretty crappy but i hope i helped