Travel Diary: Nessebar


Nessebar is one of my favourite little gems at the sea coast of Bulgaria. I haven’t been there for ages, but I still remembered it from the numerous times I visited it in my childhood. It’s not only a sea side town, it’s a place where you can find traces from a distant past, marks left by cultures and civilizations who settled on this small peninsula.

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Archaeologists in Peru investigate village of "shark hunters"


The mysterious town of Gramalote was undergoing meaningful changes, archaeologists say.

Recent excavations have allowed [archaeologists] to find a temple where, 3,500 years ago, the first fishermen of the village of Gramalote, on the sea near Huanchaquito, officiated their mysterious rituals.

It’s a rock structure located in the highest area of the town. There’s a central ceremonial patio, with steps, and what could be a platform. There is still evidence of a fire, possibly one that was left to burn for years.

Private areas were also found in the back of the temple. The interesting thing about these spaces is that they were all connected by a long hallway, and the floor was made of stone. Read more.