I was once on the island of Ko Ri, free-diving in the Andaman Sea. I fell terribly ill, stung by a lionfish. I was dehydrated, in excruciating pain. I had lost all sense of time and place, completely disoriented. But I knew I was dying. So I readied myself for it. And in that moment, at death’s door, I looked up… And standing over me in the brightness was this landless Moken sea gypsy. Just standing there. Smiling. She and her tribe nursed me back to health. Good as new. When I left the island, she kissed me. It was like a burst of sunlight on my cheek. It was… It made nearly dying well worth it. That’s how I feel now.


This is the Game Boy Pocket Sonar. Made by Bandai, it is actually a fully functional fishing sonar that displays were fish are right on your Game Boy’s screen. If you’ve never seen one don’t be surprised. It was never released outside of Japan. They are pretty hard to come by but work surprisingly well.

After years and years of searching for the name of this disease, I have finally figured it out.

It was about 3 or 4 years ago when I went to Vietnam. I do not know if I posted about this, but there was this 9 year old girl who I have met. She wasnt “normal looking” like the rest of us, but rather unique. They called her “Dragon Girl”, and I will explain to you why.

From head to toe, her skin was just like a reptile–green, scaly, and would sometimes shed. her eyes were pulled back upwards, and her flesh from beneath her lids stood out. What struck me was that it’s not because she looks different, but because of how normal she is,
Iola the rest of us. Honestly, she is the most adorable girl ever.

When my family and i visited her, she took a mask in order to cover her face because she didn’t want us to be frightened. Anyway, that was just a little side note because ever since I came back to Canada, iv been searching and trying to figure out what this disease was called and how to treat it.

Today in class, there was a presentation about journalism and yaddiyaddiyada and it was pretty dreadful until it hit the last presenter. It was about diseases I mexico and the first thing that caught my attention were the words: scale-like skin. It was called something weird in mexican but to translate it,it meant “fish kid”. So I found it. A clue.

Hearing about kids full of diseases just makes me want to try even harder, because when I get somewhere in life, i promise to you, that I will help somehow and do something about it.

Continuation of pregnant Scathach RP

“You are ten thousand years old and everyone besides a few meaningless mortals knows it. Meaning you’re 9,450 years older than myself.” Dee kept himself expressionless and unamused. “I have enough power that I am almost entirely in-shadowed. No one knows, or can find out my personal life.”

At this point, Dee stopped bothering to filter himself, even though he meant his every word in a kind, innocent matter, if Scathach misinterpreted him it was her own fault. “Being pregnant is a perfectly natural thing, even if it happened on cruel, and unnatural circumstances. Most people who have lived as long as you have had multiple children, even the great warriors, conquerors, and ‘gods’. No one besides your grandmother would be too surprised at the news.”

“And you will not be alone.” Dee wondered if he should bother saying anything, as the girl might be too absorbed in hormones and self pity to acknowledge these facts. “Your sister,” who according to some mythology, was a million times more promiscuous than Scathach, “nearly sacrificed her life for just the chance of your forgiveness. She, even Niten, would not abandon you, or the child.” John would not like to be the one to face Aoife’s rage, if she found the person who did this to her sister. She loved her sister so much she killed the remnants of the ninja’s because they betrayed Scatty, but what she would do to the person who blackmailed her? It would be terrifying.

“The Flamel’s will be there for you regardless. I have been pretty much leaving them alone so their company is much safer to keep.” Which was true, Dee had been keeping a safe, even cordial distance from the Flamel’s. Dee shuddered and secretly relished at a random memory that appeared that the thought of the Flamel’s, he still felt like the ghost of his wife would appear for revenge at any instant. “If you have the child, Tsagaglalal would wholey be there for them. She would even raise them, and give them a happy life. If you decide not to.”

“I raised a few demon children, and they grew to fit in with wealthy Elizabethan society.” John gave a slightly smile, hinting at pride, at the memory of his children. “In modern America most of the mortal children are basically demons anyway, much less vampires. Allot of them actually are demons. A vampire child would fit in fine, especially in a place like New York City, New Jersey, or even Washington State. Even with minimal supervision.”

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Think of it as a skill check in fallout! Raise those speech skills

Apparently my version of diplomacy is staring blankly at a wall and forcing my husband to answer all questions for me.  So, maybe not so much on the speech skills.  But hey, I lived through it, so…  level up?

Health Psychology Fact:

Generally, traditional families in Western societies tend to adhere to a meal plan based off mostly the Husband’s food preferences.

If the kids dislike fish but the husband likes it, generally, fish will be a family regular. 

This is of course not true of all households but it is the trend of the majority.