Ogcocephalus sp. - The walking Batfish

The different species of Batfish comprised in the genus Ogcocephalus (Lophiiformes - Ogcocephalidae) are marine tropical fishes with extremely long rostrum. They also have dark spots separated by pale lines that usually form a reticulum occurring in patches on the face and sides of the tail and in the pectoral axillae. The lateral line organs are in the cheek.

Most batfishes are strongly depressed for benthic life. In many species, pelvic and anal fins are relatively thick-skinned and stout for supporting the body off the substrate. They swim awkwardly but are capable of walking on the bottom using their large armlike pectoral and smaller pelvic fins. Batfishes are bottom dwellers and feed on small invertebrates and fishes.

There are 13 species in the genus Ogcocephalus, all of them occurring in the Western Atlantic, from Antilles to Brazil.

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Photo credit: ©Alejandro Alamo | Locality: Cuba (2010)