My mom would say

In God we trust, the rest pay cash.

As a kid I did not understand what she said or meant.

As an adult, now, watching the global fiasco unfold over lending and borrowing, I now understand.

Do others?

Kinda like Whimpy on the Popeye cartoons, for a hambuger today I will pay you on Tuesday.

Tuesday is here and we can’t pay for what we borrowed, so the solution, do the same as we always have, borrow and spend, to buy more and borrow more to spend more.

If yesterday’s events were such a horrific defeat for the GOP, as many conservatives are telling us, it’s only because Republican leaders have spent months or years drumming it into GOP base voters’ heads that the most modest of tax increases on the very richest among us would constitute a sellout of deeply sacred principles…. For many House Republicans, this idea — and the broader refusal to compromise at any cost — seems to have become a deeply held and guiding governing principle.

Greg Sargent

Zero compromise for the Republicans will ultimately be their demise.