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Water is something most Canadians take for granted, especially clean drinking water. More than 3000 homes in First Nations communities lack running water. Imagine taking care of your baby or Grandfather without the water to give them a bath? Please take the time to inform yourself about this major and ongoing issue. Here are a few links to start you off.

While the term Eskimo is acceptable in Alaska, Inuit is preferred in Canada and Greenland. Originally believed to mean “eaters of raw meat,” Eskimo is now believed to be a derivative of an Ojibwa word meaning “to net snowshoes.” #eskimo #inuit #firstpeoples #diversegirls #girl

FREE HUGS & LANGUAGE LESSONS: Savannah Simon teaches us to #SpeakMikmaq

Each day this week I am going to share the amazing talent I encountered this weekend at the Fondation Michaëlle Jean Foundation‘s Power of The Arts‬ | Pouvoir Des Arts‬ Forum at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. 

Today I am posting on Savannah Simon whose passion, along with making us feel loved, is to teach us her language. She’s going about it in a very 21st Century way that includes a hashtag and a twitter campaign.

‪#‎SpeakMikmaq‬ “L’nuisi, it’s that easy.”

Twitter handle @MsNativeWarrior

Want to know why she does it? You can find out here - 

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#Rivers hold special significance for the #indigenous tribes of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. As the snow capped peaks turn to water, and cascade down the ravines to the valleys below, they provide for crops, drinking water and access points to the sea, where the water empties out. They also serve as dividing lines between the tribes, natural boundaries that have cultural significance. Over the past decade the #tribes living here have fought to keep these rivers free as proposals to #dam them to service power and ever growing infrastructure needs in Colombias rapidly expanding economy are pushed. Further, megaprojects such as these dams and from mining conglomerates trying to gain access to the rich mineral deposits by land grabs, create constant pressure for the indigenous to fight for their land rights. This is a challenge to cultural thinking as land isn’t “owned” by individuals within tribes, but rather held in a sense of shared stewardship and responsibility. In order to give themselves voice, the groups have turned to Collective titling of land so that they can advocate both for their homes and keep the sacred land they live on safe from the negative environmental consequences that come from damming Rivers and stripping the land for its resources. #Thehumanlandscape #Fieldtripswithjosh #firstpeoples #Colombia #everydaylatinamerica #onassignment

By @cresjr ““particularly inappropriate as racial markers, because the shape of the nose is primarily a function of climactic factors such as…temperature and moisture content of the air…In areas where the air is very dry, such as deserts, a larger mucuous area is required to moisten inspire air, and this necessitates a longer and narrower nose…Both the Olmecs and the West African ancestors of African-Americans have short, flat noses because they lived in wet, tropical areas; Nubians and Egyptians have longer, thinner noses because they have lived in a desert.” from CA Forum on Anthropology in Public: Robbing Native American Cultures: Van Sertimas’s Afrocentricity and the Olmecs by Gabriel Haslip-Viera, et al - the photo is of indigenous Brazilians. #indigenas #indigenous #nativo #native #nativebrazilian #southamerica #Brazil #firstnation #nativeamerican #turtleisland #cemanahuac #abyayala #olmecas #olmec #firstpeoples #firstnation” via @PhotoRepost_app

Thousands of protesters turned out near TCF Bank Stadium to protest the visiting Washington football’s name before their game with the Minnesota Vikings.

The Stadium is on the University of Minnesota campus, where the Vikings are playing while their new stadium is completed. The campus also features the Tribal Nations Plaza, a monument that honors both the state’s 11 Indian tribes and its 100,000 Native American citizens.

Preparations for the protest began months earlier, and only about 900 people were expected to attend. However, organizers estimate that over 5,000 people were in attendance — police put the number of attendees closer to 3,200.