Awww, looky what I found.

Lately I’ve been in need of a reminder of why I got into this profession. 

8th grader: “You know what it is Ms. Parkes, you TOO nice. Deez some ghetto kids; you gotta get in they face and curse ‘em out.”

Me: “So, is that right everybody?” (Yes) “So, you don’t like when people are nice to you? You like to be treated badly?” (Yes…one voice: I mean, no)

I hope you realize that there is something wrong with that. And guess what, that’s not who I am. I don’t like to embarrass or say hurtful things to people; it’s not right. I am a grown woman and I’m definitely not gonna let some kids change who I am. But, if it kills me, you all are going to learn another way.”

Principal Cox looked at me like a proud father Lol. ***And so we see the complex starting at a young age: being drawn to those who hurt rather than those who love.*** HAPPY SUNDAY!