Running revolutionized!  I know you’re thinking that this has been said before, however, the new Nike Flyknits have thrown down the gauntlet in the running shoe war.  On July 25th, I was selected to be one of the “first to fly” and five days later my new Flyknits where delivered to my doorstep, along with the Nike+ GPS Sportswatch as an extra goodie to “keep me running”, all courtesy of my friends @NikeRunning.

I was immediately impressed with the quality and comfort built into these shoes.  Nike’s new Flywire technology provides a glove like fit while the Zoom cushioning allows your feet to be closer to the ground without sacrificing comfort.  All this technology is great, but the real litmus test will be how they run.  

The result in one word: FAST!  Nothing is wasted, and I wasn’t left looking for more from the Flyknits.  Nike’s lightest running shoe, weighing in at 220 grams or 7.7 ounces, were so form-fitting, they truly deliver a fast, efficient and stream lined run.  As if all of that wasn’t enough, because the Flyknit’s upper is constructed as a continuous woven structure, your foot is able to breathe more naturally.  The natural air flow makes the shoe feel like it’s an extension of foot, which makes running that much more enjoyable.

Nike has hit the mark with the Flyknits.  They are equal parts comfort, speed and technology that can transform a simple run into the memorable experience every runner is looking for.  I couldn’t recommend these shoes highly enough and I’m proud to be one of the “first to fly”!