Astrology Temples
  • First House:The soul seeks to express itself through the ego and learn about its special features
  • Second House:The experience of the ego through creativity and the threads we can hold in our hands. Finding soul intimacy with material reality
  • Third House:Creating a language that expresses the movement and fabric of the soul through the mind
  • Fourth House:Understanding the journey of the soul through many lifetimes, to acknowledge and recognise the birth of the ego with the birth of the soul at the beginning of universal history
  • Fifth House:The ego learns to express it's 'true self' in this very moment, and acts as a vessel for the soul dance. The ego experiences the delight of incarnation
  • Sixth House:The soul is centered in the present moment. The ego seeks to understand time, ritual, and comfort within bodily confines
  • Seventh House:The joining of male and female (or male/male, female/female) for the facilitation of a new soul to enter. The ego seeks to understand a different perspective
  • Eighth House:Ego consciousness and soul are united, divine truths are discovered. Ego is confronted with the needs of the soul
  • Ninth House:Consciousness seeks to understand and relate its experience through natural laws and the higher mind to generate wisdom
  • Tenth House:The ego seeks to radiate its identity as powerfully and presently as the Sun so the soul can show people what it came here on Earth to do
  • Eleventh House:The ego's identification with the collective. Molding the jewels of the inner world into the outer
  • Twelfth House:The ego seeks to experience itself through the soul and complete evaporation and intimacy into the Creator
  • C.

You’re right, Korra. It’s true, there will always be new conflicts and enemies to face. But the important thing is to learn from your enemies and better yourself over time, which you have. You’ve changed so much since you first arrived on Air Temple Island. When you first came here, you were hot-headed and a bit selfish. But you’ve matured into a thoughtful young woman who puts the needs of others before herself. The new Air Nation is a testament to that. You sacrificed everything to save them. You’re an inspiration to the world.


I <3 Closure In Moscow.. 

This serpent on my doorstep, well, he’s got a sweet southern drawl. Lulling so you may invite his venom.Oh, he was knocking, but didn’t know it’s coming. Oh, he was knocking, but didn’t know my mutation was imminent. He couldn’t help it; spouting invocations. I said unto him:

Don’t you dare speak that name. Don’t you ever speak that name. Break the very tenets that you spit in my face, now I’m ready to obliterate. So send me all your preachers, and I’ll put them all to shame. I’ll be the vanguard of their fall, middle of their falter. Bezel in their rings, now dropping all the stones.
First you’ll oscillate, and then you’ll feel the fire burn and formicate, while all your words are coming out cancrine.

Don’t just let him rot this hall. “I couldn’t do that even if I wanted to.” Don’t just let him rot this hall. “I couldn’t do that even if I wanted to be saved.” Then you’ll all fall in silence. Then you’ll all fall.