Ready for your first taste of TCGS on Fusion?

THURSDAY APRIL 23RD Fusion is going to begin airing recut versions of our public access favorites! We’re crazy excited about these, and all agree that they’re easily the coolest way to watch the old show or experience it for the first time! 

We’ll be kicking off with back to back episodes:

We Will Predict Your Future with Amy Poehler! 

The Night of Zero Laughs with Jordan Klepper, Wyatt Cenac, and more!

Who Needs a Haircut with Zach Galifianakis

TCGS begins changing television at 8:30/9:30c ON FUSION! 

Post the first 10 songs that come up when you shuffle your music list.

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Well, since she suggested that I might shuffle through my (fan)writing soundtracks by project…here we go.

[My Fair Hobbit playlist]
Romanian Folk Dances - Béla Bartok [x]
Weak and Powerless - A Perfect Circle [x]
Arrival of the Birds - The Cinematic Orchestra [x]  

[Flowers and Flaws playlist]
Flaws - Bastille [x]
I found love - Amber Run [x]
Wishlist - Pearl Jam [x]

[Theft - the Unnamed Sequel playlist] 
Gnossienne no. 1 - Erik Satie [x]
Schwarzalbenheim - Therion [x
Still Here - Digital Daggers [x]
Summer (allegro, non molto) - Antonio Vivaldi, recomposed by Max Richter [x]

I do not actually listen to this while I’m writing (I prefer background sounds, like rain or winds), but I do use this playlist to come up with the right mood for certain scenes or stories. 

I tag heyerette, chrisdurin, zaphodbeeblebro, radiorcrist, serenbach86, though everyone is very welcome to do it. 

It was just as he thought it would be. Earth was corrupted, but at least it wasn’t boring. The fallen angel didn’t know whether or not to view this as a punishment. it was, in fact, all he ever wanted. Freedom from the Garrison. He may never be allowed to set foot in Heaven again but it felt worth it.

Barachiel sat at the bar, his vessel loved alcohol so he figured he might to. He just didn’t know what to get for his first taste. He turned to look at the person beside him. “What are you purchasing?” 

   has anyone saw the Batman Vs Superman trailer yet – ? i did. i don’t want
   to like, put a bad taste in anyone’s mouth about it. i’m a HUGE fan of DC. i love the
   movies, some of the comics, the games ( sometimes. ) i loved the nolanverse and
   even the other batman movies before that. i think that was my first taste of comic
   book movies, the older batman movies. 

   but, i have to admit – they really are playing out the whole ‘ super gritty and dark ‘ 
   aspect of their movies. i don’t think it’s going to do well. that’s just my opinion. i
   don’t know, i could be wrong. never watched man of steel, but from what i heard,
   i’m certain i wouldn’t like it. anyway, i’m pretty sure i’m still gonna watch it, so
   maybe my mind will be changed. also, i do like ben affleck for batman, so yeah – 

How Discworld has influenced my life

It’s been on my mind for about a month now. I couldn’t write something “proper”, but I’m sure I can do a list of little (and bigger…) things I owe to Terry Pratchett.

• Languages have never been my forte in school, but I began reading seriously in English because Discworld books weren’t all translated in French at the time and I needed more. It’s amazing what the right motivation will help you accomplish.
• For the very first time, my “odd” tastes in reading and other stuff had a chance to really be shared by other people, so I sought them out (thanks Internet too on that one)
• Some of the people I found then, twelve years ago, are still my friends, and in such meaningful ways that I stupidly forget that’s where our friendship began
• I married one of these people eight years ago (hello Fifo) and we have a 5yo son (hello Perco)
• The first time I planned to go somewhere “like an adult”, by which I mean spend several days on my own (with brand new friends, and a future husband) – it was for a festival in Nantes where Terry Pratchett was invited. Also, said friends and I managed to invite him for a drink one evening. IT WAS AWESOME and one of my best memories ever. We have pics. On one, he does bunny ears to Fifo. That’s how I try to remember him.
• The very first time I went to England was for a Discworld Convention (in 2004? really?? … I feel a bit old.)
• … okay now. Change of tone. You know the foodstuffs you keep in your freezer or cupboard so you won’t starve in case you run out of everything else and can’t go to the store or order something? We call these useful but usually not-very-tasty stuff “dwarf bread” (you’ll do anything rather than eat that.)
• All of my computers have been given a Discworld character’s name for, uh, quit a while now. The current one is Granny Weatherwax. (And it’s an apple, not an onion.)
• The only pets me and my husband have had are rats. We’re allergic to cats, so sadly that was out, and there were lots of other reasons rats were the best choice once we decided we really did want pets, but… on the other hand, TAMAHER. Our first two rats were named Sardine and Haricot (French for “bean”) Since then, they’ve all had names in relation to food, to keep the sort-of reference going. Last month, we were in the process of adopting new ones after a long interruption, and I decided they’d be named Banane, Daiquiri (do I have to explain?) and Patate (aaah, potatoes, Rincewind’s favourite food.) Fifo approuved. (Don’t tell him I can also see the “other DW” – Doctor Who – references in there. Just… don’t.)
• When we still had our first two rats, someone lent me an electronic piano for a while. I nicknamed it Maurice, of course.
• Ook! Ook ook eek.
• … also, I learned lessons reading Discworld and other Pratchett books, that I’m still drawing from when I (try to) write. The only problem is that these great stories set an incredibly high standard for worldbuilding, and I don’t know if I’ll ever be satisfied enough with what I do for submitting it to a real editor.

I’m sure I could find other examples, but it would get more and more obscure and boring to anyone who wasn’t there. Also, like the friendship “problem”, there are things so ingrained in me now that I would have difficulties remembering that’s where they originated (like the “dwarf bread” thing; it took me by surprise the first time Fifo casually mentionned it after Pterry passed away.)
It’s all just there, part of me, and you know what? I’m incredibly fine with that.

I had my first taste of a Deviljho yesterday when finishing up my first High Rank set by farming bugs for armor mats… random encounter on a harvest quest. Fucking thing carted me twice and I let my partner (g-rank person so prolly fun for them) finish it off while I take pokes whenever it fell over and spamming my kinsect attacks way way far away so we can end the mission instead of failing by me getting carted a third time. So he kills the damn thing and we end the quest… and it tells me it’s a MINIATURE Deviljho…. fuck

All That
  • All That
  • Carly Rae Jepsen
  • All That - Single

Carly Rae Jepsen “All That” (Single Premiere)

Canadian singer-songwriter Carly Rae Jepsen continues to promote her catchy pop anthem “I Really Like You“, first taste of her upcoming third studio album, scheduled to be released this year via 604, School Boy, Interscope.

Tonight, the singer will perform the new single on her first Saturday Night Live show and she also plans to premiere brand new track called “All That“, which is scheduled to be released exclusively on Spotify right after as first countdown single from the album.