i remember when colette first pitched the idea of us driving across the country to florida to go to big guava and see the strokes live i was a little skeptical but now. now every day i cry myself to sleep and fight the urge to eat my own limbs BECAUSE IM SEEING THE STROKES LIVE!!!!! WITH MY EYE HOLES IN LESS THAN A MONTH AND A HALF IM HAVING HEART PALPITATIONS


Sort-of Prequel to this gifset. Pitch is back, and this time, he’s making sure no one in the world believes in Jack Frost.

Jack frost has made a friend — the girl with the magic hair — and Pitch is using this newfound bond against Jack, to win him over to fear. Gothel is willing to help in order to get her precious flower back. She distracts Jack while Pitch goes off to have a little chat with Rapunzel.


"Odd, isn’t it?"
"What’s odd?"
"The fact that we sometimes-"
"-finish each other’s sentences?"
"It would be odder if we didn’t."

lutece twins are my headcanon english voices for vitri (spoilers in the link)

of course the last thing i upload before moving out of california and having no stable internet access for the next 2 months would be a bioshock crossover rip in pieces