I rode in a car in the dark for the first time last night. It was so exciting! My captors let me stay out of my travel bag and I got to roam free in a blanket in my female captor’s lap. I think she was hoping I’d lay down and cuddle for the three hour trip, but I was intent on being a wild hedgie and sniffing out my escape plan–until I wore myself out and fell asleep during the last hour. I’ll try again next time.

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Update: First POT took me out today last minute, already sound bad but I went with it, to a pre-screen of the new avengers movie. Movies aren't really my thing but I figured it'd be a simple way to size him up. He took me out to sushi afterwards, not super fancy but it was last minute so that's understandable. But during dinner he's like, I know you want a financial arrangement and I love taking care of my boy, but I want this to be a mutual relationship with commitment at its core, not money.

Commitment comes from your end with financial security from his.

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favourite minor kingdom hearts character(s)

Dear BILL MAHER: It’s your right, as an American male over 15 years old, to not know who ZAYN MALIK is. But as host of a TV show with 4 million viewers, it is your job to figure out that a man whose first and last names are both Arabic just might possibly be Muslim, especially before making a cheap joke suggesting he looks like another young Muslim male who happens to be a terrorist. “Neither I not anyone on our staff knew [he was Muslim]; how could we?” you said with a poop-eating grin on FRIDAY’s show, defending yourself against accusations that your joke about ZAYN MALIK and DZHOKHAR TSARNAEV on your previous show was Islamophobic. This is why diversity matters in hiring. If the staff of your HBO show doesn’t include a single person who knows, or can figure out, that a singer who was a central figure in one of the most popular groups in the world is Muslim, you shouldn’t be laughing about it. You should be apologizing…
—  Matty Karas, MusicREDEF Newsletter 4/13/15

Hexafusion: Silly girls edition.

Planned on having this done sooner, but after getting on a Sunset Shimmer kick this sorta took a backseat. Started this not long after the first hexafusion. I thought this would be easy and quick to do with the simple designs here, but it took longer than I expected. Not sure if this came out as good as the first hexafusion. The last fusion I started two nights ago and rushed it a bit (just finished it this morning). I honestly just wanted this done and out of the way, so I can move on to the other hexafusions I’ve planned. And get back to Sunset.


Alistair. “Your Private Dining Experience at the Bull’s Head Inn, Kingsburry”
Harry. Gosh, are we having an experience? 



“Hey look, fireflies!
                                  I mean…
                                                          real fireflies


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3ci i ostatni dzień naszego wypadu w tatry był jak wisienka na torcie. Po dwóch dniach mgły, wiatru i opadów, przyszedł czas na słońce. Wszystko ma jednak swoje plusy i minusy. Śnieg w dolnych partiach górskich był już o wiele cięższy, co wiązało się z tym, że czeka nas jeszcze więcej podchodzenia. Czas działał na naszą niekorzyść i po leniwej pobudce w schronisku nie zostało nam zbyt wiele czasu żeby dotrzeć na szczyt, zanim tekstura śniegu zupełnie się zmieni…

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