plans for the fall + winter 

  • visit the bae 
  • go to cuba/dominican 
  • enroll in business courses at the college 
  • actually go to these courses 
  • pass courses + sign up for summer school 
  • update wardrobe??? 
  • talk to doctor about top surgery + t injections???? 
  • get a therapist???? 
  • actively take meds???? 
  • find a part time job in the city????
  • become a functioning member of society???? 

What weighs 28 ounces is 34 inches long and didn’t cost a fortune?  My new softball bat!

Last Wednesday we had our first game.  I pulled out my old Easton war club and was told it no longer met regulations.  See the USSSA  on my new best friend?  Those stamps are required.  The other league around here is ASA, and thankfully this bat is also stamped for that. 

The bats ranged in price from $75 to $350.  I play recreational softball so a $350 bat is not going to get me called up to the “majors”.  @Trivialjunior is home for the summer and is playing on a team with my brother, @rowdynation so it will get used a couple of nights per week. 

This is the first bat that came with instructions.  Do not use if the outside temperature is below 60 degrees.  Rotate the bat at each at bat, there are numbers at the end to guide you so the bat gets even wear and tear.  I am super excited about softball this year. 

anonymous asked:

When you first saw your girlfriend, what was the first thing that came to your mind. What did you think of her?

Mmmm I first saw her on Tumblr last year. I thought she was hot and out of my league. Then the first time I met her in person I thought the exact same thing. I could barely talk to her she made me so shy, she’s even more breathtaking in person. She was so bubbly and cute, oh my goodness.

aphtxc asked:

im feeling this way because no matter who i go to i get used no matter what i do or say i get lied to and used. i went to prom for the first time last night with the most lovely girl just to find out that she was using me to get her ex jealous. my father hates me and wants to kick me out of the house. my mother already has kicked me out which is why im with my father. no one wants me around.

I’m so sorry.. But we want you around. You deserve to be here. I wouldn’t understand what you’re going through but I’d love to listen.

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favourite minor kingdom hearts character(s)


Hexafusion: Silly girls edition.

Planned on having this done sooner, but after getting on a Sunset Shimmer kick this sorta took a backseat. Started this not long after the first hexafusion. I thought this would be easy and quick to do with the simple designs here, but it took longer than I expected. Not sure if this came out as good as the first hexafusion. The last fusion I started two nights ago and rushed it a bit (just finished it this morning). I honestly just wanted this done and out of the way, so I can move on to the other hexafusions I’ve planned. And get back to Sunset.



“Hey look, fireflies!
                                  I mean…
                                                          real fireflies

Les Mis From A Beginning To An End - Cosette


Pick your line

3ci i ostatni dzień naszego wypadu w tatry był jak wisienka na torcie. Po dwóch dniach mgły, wiatru i opadów, przyszedł czas na słońce. Wszystko ma jednak swoje plusy i minusy. Śnieg w dolnych partiach górskich był już o wiele cięższy, co wiązało się z tym, że czeka nas jeszcze więcej podchodzenia. Czas działał na naszą niekorzyść i po leniwej pobudce w schronisku nie zostało nam zbyt wiele czasu żeby dotrzeć na szczyt, zanim tekstura śniegu zupełnie się zmieni…

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