i have this headcanon that there was a community corkboard on the argo II that had seen its fair share of shit (zoom in on it to see the post-its) 

i gave up after percy and im sorry for that. these are all sketchy 

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if you’re  ever sad, just imagine Wasabi cradling a tiny little baby    ✿◠‿◠

picture how small that tiny little baby would be compared to him    ๑>ᴗ<๑

 imagine how precious a picture that would make    ಥ‿ಥ

Belle’s biggest weakness

I’ve been thinking about this the past couple days, and I think Belle’s biggest weakness is her desire to be heroic and to be accepted by Charming and co. aka the “Heroes”

I’ve always identified with Belle more than any of ouat’s other characters, and one of the reasons why is how she’s treated by the heroes. First, she’s invisible and insignificant to them. Then, especially after Rumpelstiltskin is banished, they only come to her when they need something.

And she helps them, she always helps them, because she wants to be a hero. Because she wants to be accepted by the heroes. 

I also think that this explains some of her behavior in S4B. Charming and co. say Hook’s good, so she hangs out with him. Never mind he’s tried to kill her twice to her knowledge but three times total.
When the “heroes” come storming the shop, calling for the dagger and Rumple’s head, she is either A) to blindsided by this news or B) unsure how to turn them down. They’re heroes right? They must know what’s best?

Maybe I’m way off base, but just some thoughts.


Do you ever just wonder … ?


I think the main difference between a hero and a heroine in traditional narratives is that a hero’s strength is defined by how much he can win, while a heroine’s is defined by how much loss she can endure.

I think that’s kinda fucked up.

  • athena:i dont approve of your relationship with my daughter
  • percy:haha ok
  • percy:*dances with annabeth*
  • percy:*goes on a quest with annabeth*
  • percy:*thinks of annabeth to survive the river styx*
  • percy:*fights a war with annabeth*
  • percy:*shows annabeth his only vulnerability*
  • percy:*saves olympus with annabeth*
  • percy:*kisses annabeth underwater*
  • percy:*goes missing and only remembers annabeth*
  • percy:*falls into tartarus with annabeth*
  • percy:cant stop wont stop