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Have you heard that Ward won't be in the first few episodes? I'm personally overjoyed. (Also gotta love how last episode Bobbi praised Skye for taking down Ward, like, good, yes, give Skye an award or something. She deserves it.)

I suspected it would be the case because since he serves no narrative purpose anymore - specially he has no relevance to Skye’s plot - I had guessed the writers wouldn’t know how to fit him with what is going on now.

I had not read any official confirmation that he is not in the first few episodes, just a lot of theorizing based on cast pictures and IMDB credits (which can be wrong, anyway). Hopefully Jed & Mo feel no need to shoehorn the character if they don’t find anything interesting to do with him.

I’m curious to see in what circumstances Ward comes back - the interesting bit of it is, of course, that we get to see what happened to Agent 33. I love her so much and I’m so terrified for  her and the ways in which Ward might be using her. But on the other hand since I hope the writers will let her recover her agency (and hopefully her face) I’m sort of excited to see her triumph at the end of it.

Yes, Bobbi’s comment was great! After how absurd a part of fandom has been claiming Skye was too harsh shooting Ward (lol) it was great to see how in-universe is seen by everybody as the good thing it is, and how little Ward means to them anymore. I just hope Skye doesn’t end up regretting not having shot him a couple more times. The scene with Bobbi in general was cute (finally they talk! the show was having a big shortcoming in not getting these two together earlier), and Bobbi got to call Skye rockstar. Which, of course, she is. Well done, Bobbi.

just accept the reality that your fave is never going to have a redemption arc as perfectly written as prince zuko’s


- Lydia

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There’s nothing you can do.


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