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Big long wings headcanons post

Wings throughout ages
As a fledgling, an angel’s wings are primarily for warmth. As such, they are generally downy and an inch or two longer than the angel’s arm-span. They can be used to flutter for a few seconds if the angel is skilled enough.
Extra sets of wings
All angels are born with a single set of wings at first. As they grow older, the stronger choirs of angels begin to grow their next set of wings. Unlike a fledgling, these wings grow with their flight feathers immediately, but where their main set of wings can extend outwards 8-feet or more, their second set (grown after perhaps nearly ten thousand years of life) does not extend more than an inch beyond their fingertips, fully grown.

Their last set grows when they, themselves, are fully grown. Naturally, this varies from angel to angel, but the last set does not grow past their elbows (while in a vessel).
Every angel’s wings are different - ranging in colour, length, height, texture, etc. Some may be blue and very sleek, while others are white, downy and perhaps even shimmery. No two are alike. Fledglings are all born with white and downy feathers, however they change as flight feathers begin to develop.
Seeing an angel’s wings
Technically speaking, every being in creation has the capacity to view an angel’s wings, but most cannot perceive them. Of course, other angels (with or without a human vessel) can clearly recognize another angel’s wings. As can demons and fallen angels (though, if the fallen in question chose to tear out their grace as they fell and be born anew as a human (ie: Anna), it will be more as though there is a soft sort of interference about the angel.) Nephil can make out a pair of wings similarly to a fallen angel.

Under normal circumstances, an angel’s wings hover on a wavelength which is just out of human perception. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. Certain differences in the human brain (ie: autism or Asperger’s syndrome) allow the human mind to perceive these wings. Alternatively, a very strongly psychic human might catch a glimmer of the wings, someone close to death will be able to make them out clearly and a human who has literally been to hell and back will not only be able to see them, but touch as well.

Vampires and werewolves function similarly to humans, in this case - the same exceptions apply to them when it comes to seeing the wings (though, it may be possible for them to catch scent of grace on the angel, themself).

Even those who cannot necessarily see the wings might ‘feel’ them, in a sense. If a wing is draped about a person, they may feel something which can range from a comforting warmth, to a comforting cool, to even a stimulating static sensation.
Grooming, etc.
Angels, once they reach adulthood, tend to prefer to groom their own wings. This boils down to both personal preference and wing sensitivity.

Similar to how wings can all look different, they all feel different to the angel, as well. Under all circumstances, an injury to a wing is beyond agonizing, but in some extreme cases, it can cause the angel to become catatonic, or even die, depending on wing sensitivity.

Of course, while one may severely incapacitate an angel through their wings, they can also bring extreme pleasure through similar methods. If an angel allows another to groom their wings, it can become the most pleasurable experience of the angel’s life.

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toiveikkain asked:

► Show Charles your wings. B)

He sighed, considering this. “There’s a bit of a problem here- I could do this in three ways. First of all, I could demonstrate my wings in their true bearing, which would promptly burn out your eyes, and then kill you. I could always picture the best—- translation of them to the human mind, and you could take that. Or-“ 

He decided to go with the third option anyway, shrugging his shoulders and letting his wings slowly unfurl on his back, hearing the whispering noise as feathers rubbed against each other. Six of them, and each extended far past the length of the wall he was in front of to curl around the walls perpendicular to them. As soon as he closed them on his back once again, the lights, which had brightened considerably, or even shattered due to the increased current, all went out.