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who throws things in a fight ? :  Both of them honestly, but Rangiku will throw the most things and it’d get out of hand quickly.
who goes to their parent’s house for a weekend when things get bad ? : Ran would either go to Hitsugaya’s or Yumichika’s.
who wants to have children ? who doesn’t ? if both do, how do their goals differentiate ?  : Probably Rangiku, but she’d not push Shirosaki to have them, simply because it doesn’t have to happen but she would want them. 
who is more adverse to physical contact ? : Shiro.  And Rangiku is affectionate, so she’ll probably give little touches here and there.
who hates/dislikes their neighbors the most ? : Shiro, jfc. Ran loves hanging out with her neighbors most of the time, it’s always a party.
who hates/dislikes their significant other’s family ? : Mmm Toshiro and Shirosaki, don’t get along at all I swear, it’s crazy.
who is most likely to leave when things get rough ? : Rangiku, there’s no doubt about it. 
who thinks their partner turned out a different person than they thought ? : Shiro, and Rangiku wouldn’t really hold it against him because the image she upholds confuses a lot of people. 
who is more likely to cheat ? : This one is hard but for right now, in my mind, Shirosaki
who is the more experienced ( sexually or otherwise ) ? : Rangiku most definitely
who hates/dislikes their significant other’s friends ? :  The Shinigami wouldn’t like Shiro much tbh and the feelings mutual
who wants to go to social gatherings the most ? : Rangiku, always.
who is most likely to be dishonest ? : Mmm both of them, but more Shiro than Ran
who is more emotionally closed off ? how does this affect their partner ? : They both are.
who is the dessert person ? : Both of them.
who is more conservative ? : Yeah right, neither of them.
who hates/dislikes oral sex ? : They both like it.

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