anonymous said:

Wait so with the new update on tumblr you can't post Photoshop pics?

no, you can, they just look bad

lemme try to explain this

okay so on tumblr there’s three sizes for different widths.

this post is a 500px gif

this post is a 245px gif

this post is a 160px gif

now what the staff did was take the dimension sizes on the dashboard and change them. they took the 500px size and changed it to 540px, changed 245 to 268, and changed 160 to 177.

at first you may be all like “oh wow that’s cool larger edits!”, but the problem with this is that everything that’s been made and published on tumblr for the last 7 years is sized 500/245/160px, and so since the dimensions are now 540/268/177px, all of the 500/245/160px stuff is stretched to fit 540/268/177px which makes them look grainy and blurry

(not to mention, apparently there’s a glitch where even if you make things that are 540/268/177px, tumblr resizes it to be 500/245/160px and then stretches it to the new dimensions again so it’s blurry no matter what?? like rly??)

the other problem is that in photoshop, when you make gifs a larger size (like 540px instead of 500px), it adds to the size of the file, and the file size limit is still 2mb even though tumblr raised the dimension size. so basically gifs have to be shorter now AND they’re super blurry

i personally am rly upset by this, and i know thousands of other people are as well

i hope this made sense, i tried not to make it confusing

anonymous said:

people shouldn't be upset because it's, at most, a few days of your shit looking shitty like... my shit is affected by this shit and i am not crying like a fuckin octopus baby child GOD

yo i can be upset all i want and you’re really not helping the problem by coming and cussin at me in my askbox. i’m entitled to my own opinion and my opinion is to be upset by this, and apparently thousands of people share that opinion so if you’re going to be rude, just go away please