LA to DC
Day 3: Valley of Fire State Park, NV

The drive through this park is very beautiful. I wish there were more turn offs. We arrived right before sunset and got to see the Fire Wave. Was a lot smaller of an area than I thought but very cool nonetheless.

After the Fire Wave, we blew up some fireworks in an Indian Reservation that we bought from the Indians… On their launch pad which is right next to a gas station mind you… And then continued into Utah and spent the night at Quail Lake Reservoir campgrounds. Very pretty and neat tent sites with picnic tables made out of rock and a wooden awning. And also close to one of the biggest Walmarts I have ever been in. They have really cool backpacks.

Well the blog has been quiet for a few days, but i’d just point out… i’m near 50 followers and i’d like to thank you ponies, who do follow me and support me i really love drawing and to know i have ponies who like them makes me happy… So thank you! <3

anonymous said:

I think I discovered one of Bowsers customizable Neutral-Specials: watch the amiibo video from Bill Trinen and at one point you see Bowser spitting fireballs instead of a firewave. It looks very cool, what do you think? And sorry for my English, I'm German.

Yeah, it is a big fire ball which is awesome and extremely reminiscent of classic Bowser in Super Mario Bros.