This is my first Follow Forever! /throws confetti/ Woohooo! So these blogs are flawless and they make my dash sparkle*:・゚✧So I reccomend following them all because they are just so amazing♥ [bolded ones are tumblr crushes]

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 fireminhos replied to your photo

mini~ since when did you make gifs ? ;A; so pro..

um.. since someone told me about photoscape cuz i couldn’t get photoshop and i don’t know how to use gimp…

Music high, my drama gif blog, and just recently Teen tops Angel, Oh Won Bin’s C’mon girl, Girls Day twinkle twinkle, ZE:A Here I am. 

XD im not a pro, i’ve got a lot to go ^^

psy-chics said:

Hello there ~
I haven't left a message in so long.
Just wanted to say hello hello ~
I hope you're staying warm and cozy this winter.
- Erica <3

Hello Erica ^__~
it’s long a time that we don’t talk (well we only talk two times ;O;, you know that my english it’s not good at all and I’m sooooo shy >/////<)  and I’m sooooooooo busy for school but it’s the way that I wanted ;)
I hope you’re staying warm and cozy this winter too , here is sooooo cold ;____; but I’m still perfer winter than summer (cuz I hate cold ;_____;)
take care and I hope you’re fine ^__^