I’m not in Hollywood for play. To be seen, a socialite, fuck bitches and waste my youth chasing bullshit and bull shitters. I’m a man, not a boy. I do good business and protect my family with my life. I’m not interested in negative talk nor situations. I’m a positive person from a harsh background who has built a life from simply dreaming and working towards my dreams every single day. If I’ve given you the wrong impression of who I was in the past, no worries moving forward because you and everyone will know where I stand clearly as of right now moving forward. The new me turnt all the way up. No excuses. #mogul #lordmajorapparel #coolguymusic #newteam #newlife #inspired #firelit #unstoppable #eyeheartART

Rest Your Weary Bones

"You owe me an apoloy.."

"Do I?"

Balgus turned from the washing basin and eyebrows raised, daring to flash a grin aross from him. With him in the firelit bedroom, splayed out on the bed, an unmistakable woman met his grin with a somewhat frigid expression ..though it was already beginning to crack even as she fought to maintain it. A deep furrow knit her brow and her bright green eyes stared hard at him, and her head bobbed at his question.

"At least a small one," she explained above the sound of the crackling fire. Shifting from under the covers, Angeleise’s fingers curled to beckon Balgus to him. The warrior chuckled ruefully but stepped closer. It was a small matter of distance from where he was standing to where they shared their bed, and he sank down to a seat next to her. A few moments of silence kept between them until at last she sighed. "Let me have a look at you, Balgus."

Taking his jaw gingerly between her fingers, the priestess turned his head gently to one side and then the other, lips pressed together in thought. A good layer of stubble had grown over her mate’s features and even where his head usually was kept smooth and bare, the weeks of travel had begun to restore a visible sheen of peachlike fuzz. There were new marks added however - completely fresh - and she recognized these dimples and healing bruises as evidence of the last-minute competition he had been drawn into. Angeleise knew he always wore ample amounts of armor, but the flesh still absorbed these impacts with some signs of showing. She couldn’t help but frown at him, sighing again with a low whisper between them.

"At least you gave as good as you got," she complained softly. Despite that, a smile began to form quickly on her lips, and she gave his chin a little shake for effect. "But just look at this scruff of yours? It won’t do, not at all. Not for MY Kul’Tiran, gods above, no."

Balgus laughed darkly and let his eyes roam over her for long pause and drank her in, admiring the round of her bare neck as it peeked out from the sheer fabric. It had truly been too long on the road. He bore news though, and even stories from the tournament he had been whisked into only hours after arriving into the borders of home. But for now it could wait. He turned partway, picking up something from the endtable where his travelling pouches lay. A moment later the light of their fire reflected in the wicked looking edge of a shaving knife, much the kind the barbers of Stormwind used. They shared a look between them, until at last Angeleise grinned and took the blade from him.

"Aren’t you worried I’m going to ah.. slip somehow?"

Balgus leaned in and stole a kiss before pushing free from the bed, arms held out in a shrug. “According to you, I earned a little punishment, right? Just keep it above the waist. All warriors know that rule.”

Angel laughed richly and squinted hard at him as he disappeared around the corner into their washroom, where she recalled a claw tub waited with fresh, hot water and not a single piece of clothing could be found. Her eyes roamed the length of the razor again briefly before she finally decided to join him with weapon in hand.

"How unfortunate for you," she mused with mischief in her eyes. "That I’m no warrior, Balor August.."


Some things

I’m craving spanish guitars and reggae, beaches and firelit dancing, red wine and free feet.

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