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vo5100 said:

They dropped a few hints towards the Shepard's past and I think he used to be an alliance agent? And I also think Mal used to be a Christian but turned away from faith after serenity valley. What do you think?

Shepard Book’s past can be found in comic form, where his alliance affiliation is revealed. 

As for Mal being Christian: I whole-heartedly think YES. In the pilot epsidoe, there’s a beautiful shot him kissing his silver cross in the Battle of Serenity Valley, there’s “You’re welcome on my boat, Shepard. God ain’t”, and the lovely “Do you mind if I say grace?” “Only if you say it out loud”. And for some icing on the cake, there’s this passage from the novelization of the movie (screenshot from the Kindle reading app):



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The Geekling  -by E

My oldest child was recently granted a wish by the ‘make a wish foundation’ which she will receiving later this year. As such, I have been looking to, in my own small way, show my gratitude. So I am adding this design to my redbubble account and any of my proceeds from this design will  be donated to the  "Make-A-Wish®"  foundation in honor of my little geekling and the generous folks that are making her wish come true.

I Aim To Misbehave

I Aim To Misbehave


Firefly/One Piece Au Crossover


A/N: This is just a short drabble that sort of just hit me while I was free writing this morning.


“Please tell me that’s not your blood.” Nami sighed as Law looked down at himself, and then turned to look at his crew behind him, all of whom were in the same condition. “It’s the other guys’ right?” They all looked sheepish, the early warning signs of the navigator’s famous temper showing through. “Wasn’t the idea, to avoid a fight?”

“They started it.” Law announced shifting his haul in the bag over his shoulder.

“It’s Badger, he always starts it. The point is to not let him bait you.” She shook her head and turned away from them much to everyone’s surprise. “Come on, store the merchandise and let’s get off world before he decides he doesn’t want to do business anymore.” Law watched as she made her way up into the catwalks and toward the bridge.

“Um… is it just me, or was that too easy?” Penguin whispered to the others beside him. They agreed, all expecting to have an epic blowout from her monstrous temper. Law remained silent, watching until she was out of sight, before turning to his crew.

“Alright, you heard her, stow everything in the cargo hold and go get cleaned up. We need to be off Persephone in thirty minutes.”

Law waited for the crew to disband before making his way to the bridge. He found Nami in the pilot’s seat, fiddling with the controls. He watched her, taking his time to observe her. She was tense, which wasn’t like her; most of the time she was loose, excited after a job, but now, now she was tight, wound up, and not in a good way. In the years he had known her (meeting thanks to her own captain’s foolish naivety in the face of a potential enemies) and the year she had been a (temporary) member of his crew (this time because of her captain’s loyalty to his family), they had all come to know Nami for the money hungry, temperamental, spoiled, conniving, loyal, funny, intelligent, talent, woman that she was. She’d gotten them into trouble and out of it. She’d given them better tools to navigate, and a better understanding of how to get around the galaxy. She became someone his crew had come to care about, someone they were hard pressed to see leave when the time finally came, someone he was hard pressed to see leave.

“You know, some people might find your silent observation flattering, I think it’s creepy.” He voice was muffled with her back to him and she didn’t hesitate in her actions. Law chuckled, pushing off the door frame and walking slowly toward.

“They call me the surgeon of death, Nami-ya, creepy is kind of my thing. It’s what I do.” She hesitated only a moment before continuing on. As he came to a stop behind her chair her movements grew more angered. She pushed buttons and flipped switches a little harder than necessary. After a moment of watching her take out her anger on his ship, he leaned over the back of her chair and took a hold her arms.

“What are you doing?” she objected as he spun her chair around. He knelt in front of her, holding her still as she tried to pry her arms out of his grip.

“Are you going to tell me what’s wrong, or do I have to pry it out of you?” she starred him down, letting out a huff when she realized he wasn’t backing down.

“We got a transmission while you were out. Luffy’s done with his family business; he’s planning on reassembling the crew sooner than planned.”

“I see, and that’s a problem?” she shrugged, starring down at where his hands were holding her arms down. Law sighed, sliding his hands into hers.

“Let’s face it, we both know how this conversation is going to go.” She looked back up at him curiously.

“And how is that?”

“I’ll pretend to offer you a place on my ship, you’ll decline, because we know you’re unfailingly loyal to Straw hat-ya. We’ll spend the night as we spend most nights, you’ll pretend to really think about my offer, and when the morning comes we’ll start all over again until you finally get the call from your captain.” Law smirked, bringing her hands to his lips. “So let’s save ourselves the dance and keep going like there’s no end in the foreseeable future.”

Things I have learned about Firefly
I know, I know, I’m way behind, but I’m finally getting to watch it and I have feelings about this show.

1. Zoe Washburne is up there with Dana Scully and CJ Cregg as my favorite take-no-shit ladies.

2. Kaylee is precious. Not just in the show, but as a character. She’s the perfect mix of badass and sweet and smart and blunt and basically she’s perfect and wonderful. We need more ladies like her on TV.

3. Hate-fucking Jayne would be awesome. He’s so awful, but he may actually be my favorite.

4. Can’t get over how pretty Morena Baccarin is as Inara. Her hair. Her face. I just can’t deal with how good she looks. She like, glows.

5. I have complicated feelings about Mal as a character. But Nathan Fillion is spectacular.


anonymous said:

I've seen many Firefly/Castle crossovers but what about this: Rick and Mal are twin brothers but Mal ran away from home when he was a teenager and nor Martha neither Rick could find him. Now, years later he's back in NY with his family. Kate sees him (maybe even meets him) before Rick does.

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Hey friends!

This isn’t a post I normally make, but I have a very dear friend who has an etsy shop.  She and her family are struggling financially while her husband finds a job and I know every little bit can help.  She makes awesome onsies for babies from all kinds of fandoms!


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Any way, I was just throwing this out there since the Holiday season is approaching and maybe you’re looking for a fun gift to give friends with little ones, or maybe you can just help spread the word. Also if there is something you want that isn’t there let me know and I can ask her about it! She hand screens each one and has a 5 star rating with 568 sales!

Just something to keep in mind!  Back to the regularly scheduled tumbling!

Thanks ya’ll!!!