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Carmilla AU in Firefly, with Captain LaFontaine as Mal. Perry as a slightly tweaked Inara who's stunningly beautiful and utterly unimpressed by LaF's wild antics. Tiny Laura as Wash, who's the heart of the team: and badass Carmilla as Zoe, who dearly loves Laura, and enjoys shooting stuff. Danny "I'm gonna knock your dick in the dirt!" Lawrence as Jayne. And Kirsch can be Book, only with less hair. Much less hair.


Thank you for Whedon-ing Carmilla. I need this so much. <3

ok ok ok so

joaquin mondragon is the captain of a transport ship he acquired after fighting in the unification war with his second in command maria posada as his mechanic

after getting into a nasty scrap with some unhappy clients (joaquin probably skimped out on them bc what they were transporting was more valuable than what they were being paid) maria manages to drag a beat up joaquin to a nearby planet where they meet doctor manolo sanchez who agrees to fix up joaquin for a very small fee (manolo is a v reasonable man and joaquin is in obvious bad shape, he’s only got one eye for goodness sake)

maria tells joaquin that she thinks a doctor could be useful to their small crew and, after a long argument (joaquin thinks manolo would just slow them down and he also thinks that maria just wants him on the ship bc she thinks he’s cute) they ask manolo if he would accompany them and after a bit of consideration he agrees

after several shenanigans/jobs maria and manolo get married (i.e wash and zoe) and joaquin is a little against it at first but then he sees that the two of them make each other really happy and he gets over it but still doesn’t like manolo that much bc he’s too gentle and fragile and “for gods sake maria the kid looks like he’s never even seen a gun”