My dad’s a firefighter and I asked him who thought to put firepoles in firestations and he said it was because in the old days when they used horses to pull the trucks the horses would live downstairs and the men would be upstairs but the horses were smart and learned to walk up the stairs and the firemen would literally wAKE UP WITH HORSES IN THEIR ROOMS LICKING THEIR FACES. If that isn’t hilarious to you I don’t know what to say


Today the Department of Awesomely Good Deeds salutes the team of firefighters from Lacey Fire District 3 who, while extinguishing a fire in a mobile home in Lacey, WA, rescued a family of five hamsters: Oreo, Madonna and three unnamed wee baby hamsters.

But wait, that’s not the truly awesome part:

The poor little rodents had been overcome by smoke. After consulting their “Pet Emergency Pocket Guide" the firefighters treated the teeny-weeny rodents with oxygen from a tank they’d adapted for tiny animals as well as other first aid equipment. According to Tim Hulse from the Lacey Fire Department, the team was able to save all but one of the hamsters.

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In Dad’s Footsteps: Daughter of Firefighter Killed on 9/11 Joins FDNY

Josephine Smith told her father, a firefighter, she would work with him one day but it wasn’t meant to be: He died while responding to the September 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center.

But Smith carried on with her dream, even stronger after the death of her dad, Kevin. Now, 13 years later, she has become the first daughter of a 9/11 responder to join the ranks of New York City’s fire department.

“I’ve made it a mission to make sure that I fulfilled my dream of becoming a city firefighter and following in my father’s footsteps,” she said Tuesday, when she graduated from the FDNY academy.

Her mom, Angelina Clay, said Kevin would be proud of his daughter, “but most important, she’s made herself proud about what she’s accomplished today. And that’s our goal with her.” She noted that if he were still alive, Kevin would have told Josephine: “Do a good job. Keep your head straight. Your heart in it. And love your job.”

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The brave firefighters of Lacey Fire Department District 3 in Lacey, Washington, responded to a small fire in a mobile home on Friday, tweeting their progress as they contained the fire. After the firefighters extinguished the blaze, they discovered a small family of hamsters in need of some care.

Using tiny rodent-sized oxygen masks, the rescuers administered first aid care to the baby hamsters.