thenintendobros asked:

you say all firebenders but Azula are losers, but Azula backwards is a-luza HAHA

Actually there’s luz in there, which is similar to the Spanish word for light, which can then be traced back to the name Lucifer. She isn’t a loser she is literal hellspawn.

Another Avatar fancharacter thing; Aika, a firebender who dreams of becoming an actress, but excels in every film and theater related discipline (writing, directing, editing, stunt performance and choreography, drawing/animating, make-up, costume, and set-design) except acting. She uses a solar-powered parasol for performance art and combat (she can use the solar energy stored within to create combustion explosions). She also gives the Avatar a make-over and her rich parents help bail the Avatar and her friends out of jail when they get busted harboring a bloodbending fugitive, and pay for the fugitive’s legal defense. She’s a big fangirl of the Varrick I and Varrick Studios, and can’t stand the works of hack director Midnight Subramaniam, particularly his butchering of the true life story of Avatar Korra.

ATLA/Korra Lore Question

Got a quandary I want some opinions on, since this could honestly go either way. 

We know that a Solar Eclipse completely disables firebending, but what happens during a Lunar Eclipse?  Tui, or rather Yue, the Moon Spirit is analogous with “Push”, while La, the Ocean Spirit, is “Push”.  This is in reference to the Positive/Negative Jing that waterbending is based upon.  Redirection, change, flow, etc.

Even if the Moon is totally blocked, waterbenders still have the other ‘half’ of their element to call upon; the ocean.  Would this, in theory, weaken waterbenders immensely since their entire push/pull balance is thrown off, or would it disable waterbending entirely?