It’s about time I kicked off this side blog!

So here we have my first sewing adventure, cute little sharkpuppy based from fireandshellamari’s comics which I absolutely adore. I created the pattern for it myself (I modified a hippo plush pattern) and made him out of an old blanket and polar fleece, with some thick cloth for the collar and felt for the eyes. He is just so adorable and fuzzy!

My etsy shop will be opening soon, after which this little guy will be on his way to his new home in Finland!

I can make custom plushes similar to this (before you ask, sorry, I can’t make another of this guy in particular, I’ve been asked nicely by the artist to make him the one and only, and I will respect her wishes) so if you are interested just drop me a line.

A little fanimation I did for a distraction~<3 It’s been a long while since I did any fun stuff like this, I missed it! And goodness flash animation is still my favorite to do. So I thought why not have some fun with this little cutie pie~!!!

Ironically, Nine Lives to Live is going to be re-done mainly in AfterEffects. It’s easier and the output is quicker without sacrificing too much quality.

Shark puppy belongs to Stacey!

The Adventures of Sharkpuppy

The Adventures of Shark Puppy are a series of short webcomics created by tumblr user Stacy Lenaghan (fireandshellamari) starring the titular character, Shark Puppy.

Shark Puppy is a small and friendly creature composed of the body of a shark, the legs of a dog, and a puppy’s attitude. The comic is ridiculously adorable and focuses on the ordinary experiences we have with our own pets and animals, with the twist of experiencing them with an extraordinary creature.

Many of the comics promote important messages about issues in everyday life, including facing your fears, being kind, accepting your differences as well as the differences in others, and family.

In addition to special comics about holidays such as Valentine’s day, St Patrick’s day, and Easter, The Adventures of Shark Puppy also features a cameo from popular tumblr user thefrogman’s corgi Otis.

I’d thoroughly recommend giving them a look if you’re up for some light reading about innocent pet adventures through daily life!

One of Those Blogs (Part of that World parody)
  • One of Those Blogs (Part of that World parody)
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Hey everyone. Some of my good friends in a skype chat I am in have nicknamed me “Disney Princess Signless” on account of how once they heard me singing when I thought my sound was off, and an account of how I run a Signless ask blog, asktheironinfidel. Some have expressed interest in hearing me sing in my own voice, so thought, sure why not. 

But if I’m a Disney Princess, I might as well play the part! So here I suppose is my “I Want” song, my origin story–before I met all of you guys. Just my feelings, hopes and motivations for starting an askblog and a tribute to all of the dear, dear friends I have made along the way. If I couldn’t name you in-song, know that its because there are MANY of you and the names needed to rhyme XD I love you all so much and I am SO blessed to have gotten to know you! Also this is one of the most aggressively silly things I have done in a while so…yeah, sorry about that.


Look at this stuff
Isn’t it neat?
who would have thought homestuck’s fanart’s so sweet?
Wouldn’t you think it’s the site
The site that has everything?
Look at this trove
Treasures untold
How many great blogs can one fandom hold?
Looking around here you think
Sure, they’ve got everything
they’ve got ancestors, kids, trolls and cherubs
they’re musicians, voice actors, galore
wait, what about my art?
I can draw to!
But who cares?
My art’s lame
I want more

I wanna be an ancestor blog
I wanna grow my skill as an artist
get out of my comfort- what do you call ‘it?
Oh – zone!

deviantart won’t get me too far

the artists I like all use tumblr where they’re

Scrolling along on their—what’s the word again

up where they draw, where they have fun
Up where they bring smiles to everyone
skills improving - wish I could be       
One of those blogs

What would I give to draw hair as well as cola?
What would I pay to spend a day squabbling with Brea?
Ari, Dart, Zee, Anna, Stacey
I would just love to get to know them

There’s so many, but just maybe,

I’ll make some friends

I’m ready to know what the artists know
getting my questions and drawing answers
What’s anon hate and why does it- what’s the word?

When’s it my turn?
Wouldn’t I love, love to explore all these headcannons?
Wish I could be
one of those blogs


Because wolf and cat and laughter.

Simon is a royal brat no matter who it is he’s dealing with and poor Ferdinand reminds him of a certain annoyance (my wolf) and so he has taken it upon himself to steal a dance and boss the werewolf into being a proper dancer.

Also I can not wait until I’m home and can install photoshop because sai ain’t cutting it.