fire emblem awakening

Hey guys, my dash is filled with things im not rlly interested in so could u reblog if u blog about

  • Tokyo ghoul
  • Haikyuu!
  • Pastel stuff?
  • anime in general
  • aesthetics 
  • persona
  • dangan ronpa
  • wadanohara
  • love l i ve chOKES
  • death parade
  • shoujo anime
  • memes B-)
  • kagepro
  • fea
  • any anime in general honestly

shit thats a lot of stuff„ anyways if reblog this i’ll most likely chek our ur blog mayb follow ,lmao B-)

Something that bothers me

Okay, I’ve been seeing a lot of this on tumblr over the past month and I just wanna say this to get it out there.


Everyone has their own opinions and are entitled to them. I get that. It’s when people start bashing on other peoples ships. For example: “Chrobin is terrible!” Or “Sumia and Gauis is a horrible ship the only thing they talk about is bees.”


I don’t care if you don’t ship what I do in fire emblem. I don’t care what you ship in fire emblem. We both like different ships or we both like the same ones. What I’m trying to say is please, please stop. It makes me feel attacked when you bash on ships that I like or that other people like. I don’t bash your ships so don’t bash other peoples ships.


Test fitting for Marth! It’s annoying to get all dressed up and have nowhere to go, but really important to try everything on before the con. There are a few things I’m going to need to patch up before wearing it two days in a row! Gonna get them fixed up this weekend and hopefully it will be nothing but stress-free pure fun at Anime Boston!