Aries like partners who:

·         Let them lead

·         Have a need for excitement and adventure

·         Enjoy unusual dates


Taurus like partners who:

·         Know how to value financial security

·         Are passionate

·        Are soft, suave and sensual


Gemini like partners who:

·         Enjoy interesting and stimulating conversations

·         Are very friendly

·         Are playful, spontaneous and flexible


Cancer like partners who:

·         Are caring

·         Will make them feel understood and wanted

·         Put family first


Leo like partners who:

·         Will truly admire them

·         Are playful and cheerful

·         Will be their best friend


Virgo like partners who:

·         Will help them organize their life better

·         Will help them resolve their self-destructiveness and them being harsh on themselves

·         Will make them have faith again



Libra like partners who:

·         Will know how to put up with their moodiness

·         Are dynamic and is always ready for action

·         Put relationships higher in their priorities


Scorpio would like someone:

·         To rely on

·         Who has strong sexual cravings

·         Who will help them control their emotions or bring their emotions in check


Sagittarius like partners who:

·         Have an open mind towards the world and is flexible

·         Have a free spirit and is spontaneous

·         Wants to learn more and more about life and the world


Capricorn like partners who:

·         Are caring and careful

·         Have optimistic views and help them see the lighter side of things and life

·         Can give them a comfortable relationship with closeness and maybe later a comfortable family life


Aquarius like partners who:

·         Don’t want and don’t try to change them

·         Value their individuality

·         Bring passion and warmth into their lives


Pisces like partners who:

·         Is practical and help them to get to know themselves better

·         Value their sensitive and caring nature

·         Is hard-working and don’t pay attention to useless things in their everyday life

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JLI + Jimmy Olsen c) DC

Day 347 - Nazonokusa | ナゾノクサ | Oddish

It can plant it’s little roots into the forest floor and absorb the nutrients from nearby plants. In the rain, they wander into the city to soak up what they can. When approached by others, they sway back and forth aggressively, scaring them away.

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Vaporeon is holding an Ultra Ball, Flareon is holding a Premier Ball while Jolteon holds the Great ball! If you’d prefer a different ball, don’t hesitate to ask! Though, these balls were specifically chosen to stand out against their colors :)

Umbreon is holding a basic Pokeball while Espeon holds the Master Ball! If you’d prefer a different ball, don’t hesitate to ask! Though, these balls were specifically chosen to stand out against their colors :)

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But then she said,

“I’m sorry, but I was bred to be a writer. And sometimes, I will only see you as raw material. No more, no less. I’ll create poetry out of your struggle, and swim in the ocean of your thoughts. I’ll fall in love with your faults, and write half a novel about how I long to live forevermore in your embrace. But then the twist of fate will strike, all that we could have been will hit me like a ton of bricks; I’ll scratch out every line that housed your name. You’ll wonder who I am, and how I changed just as you blinked in another direction. And by morning, love, I will have banished every scribble on every page, I will have wiped out all the fairytale dreams I had until last night. And I’m sorry, babe, it’s just the way I am; I was born to be fleeting. I might linger in your thoughts for quite some time, and some days, perhaps you’ll wish I had stayed. But don’t you get it, love? I am incapable of lighting up a night sky for all eternity; I burn out. Transient, I’m a human shooting star. You gotta wish hard enough and believe with all your heart if ever I’m going to come true, if ever I can come back to life.”

And that’s when I knew I had to catch her before her fire faded into mere nothingness

—  Khadija A.