Welcome friends! Today is a good day, yes? A cold one, but a pleasant day!


As I promised, The List of my Tumblr Crushes

  1. mollyiswideawake - She’s fantastic with an absolutely fantastic blog. Gotta be one of my favourite Tumblrs/bloggers! She’s also got a Castiel RP blog, go check it out (i-am-castiel-angel-of-the-lord)!
  2. lumos5000 - Never talked to her personally, but her blog is just as great as well. Just like just about everyone on this here list, she’s also a Whovian!
  3. tentooxrose - Another Whovian (if it wasn’t obvious) with another lovely blog (let’s just face it, all of them have wonderful blogs).
  4. fionnathefaggot - Found her blog after liking her Facebook page, Fionna the Human. She posts just about whatever she feels like it. Can range from fandom based to hipster to humour and everything in between. 
  5. microsoftplus - He also posts just about whatever (s)he wants. Mostly humour based.
  6. p1xell - Probably one of the first blogs I followed. (S)he seems to post quite a bit of anime based things.
  7. timetennant - Fandom blog! Primarily Doctor Who.
  8. outerspacesarah - I know her personally. We go to the same school, and she’s quite the lovely girl. I do believe her blog could be put under the Hipster category. She also knows the members of Fourth and Coast, which seems to be a big deal to some people.
  9. doctorstears - Another fandom blog, once again Doctor Who based just about the whole time. Never talked to them myself either, but they do seem to be quite the friendly person.

All of these blogs are absolutely without a doubt magnificent, and you should go and follow each and every one of them!